Hand Sanitizer Should Not Be Used But Why?


If you are going to a public place, then you might come across many bacteria and germs which can make you ill. Sometimes we can’t find many water near us with which we can wash our hands. So there the hand sanitizer plays its role. It is semi-liquid fluid which is used to kill germs and bacteria’s which can cause infection and different diseases. It helps to keep our hands safe from germs and protect us from various disease.

Hand sanitizer has many uses like we can use it anytime and anywhere. It safe our time and protect us from disease. It also helps to reduce the waste as it replaces the use of tissue papers. With pros comes the cons. In the same way hand sanitizer has many side effects and most of the researchers claim that it causes many problems to the skin.

It can affect our skin as most of the hand sanitizers contain alcohol. The use of alcohol can dry the skin as it removes the natural oil from the skin. It can make the skin look old and dry as alcohol can cause wrinkles.

If we don’t use the sanitizer which contain alcohol than it contains triclosan which is a strong antibacterial agent. The excess of this antibacterial can cause super-bugs-this is the disease which cause resistance against antibiotics. It can also disturb the immune system.

Along with alcohol or triclosan it also contains artificial fragrance that consists of phthalates. Phthalates can disturb the hormones. Many companies usually don’t mention all the ingredients that’s why one should avoid the use of hand sanitizer with no fragrance.

Hand sanitizers also kill those bacteria’s which are important for the defense of our body and this make our immune system weak. Using the old tradition of washing hands with water is more safe than using hand sanitizers. We should replace the hand sanitizer with the organic hand sanitizer as that would be much safer to you.


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