How Handbags are essential in women lives?

Women handbags uses

Shopping is the frailty of women. If you want to make them happy take them for shopping. The only thing which can bring smile on women face is a Shopping. Although women like to shop so many things, infect everything they want to buy, but there are still something which women want to buy the most. The list is included clothes, handbags, shoes and cosmetics etc.

You may have a wardrobe full of clothes, but there are some people who have a wardrobe full of handbags. Not so much their clothes as their handbags. Many woman love to match their bags with their outfits along with the shoes. In this regard many bags brands are available in market. People also conscious about brands, that’s why most of the time people judge you through the brands you carry besides you.

Bags are the thing which you use for different purposes. For office you carry different bag, for shopping you use more comfortable bag, and for occasion you use some stylish and a bit small in size. Have you ever seen that some people used to with their only bag which they carry everywhere they go, even though it got old and defected.

In market you can find every type of bags, branded bags, copy bags of those brands, local bags, expensive and affordable bags.

Branded Bags:

Louis Vuitton, Versace, Burberry, Michael kors, Gucci, Coach, Tory Burch, Vera Bradley, you definitely heard these brands, and many of you are eagerly want to have one of these. There is no doubt that branded bags are good in any way. From their designs, colors till their sustainability they are completely perfect. That’s why they are as high as their name.

Not everyone can buy or afford them. The only thing about branded bag is that if you buy it anyway you can throw it after some time. Durability is what it is, but the price which you played for it can’t allow you to remove it soon. So before buying it you have to convince yourself that you will have get to use to it at least for more than one year, because the cost of the brand didn’t not allow you.

Copy Bags:

Many of us who are brand conscious or, they love to buy the brands but the limitation of their pocket is not allowing them, the copy bags are solution of their desire. Although there is a big difference between brands and copy quality, but still there are many options. Like AAA quality and A1 quality according to which the copy items are prepared.

You hardly find a difference between the original one and the copy, except the quality sometime. The copy bags are little hard in material. But despite all this people who love branded bags can still fulfill their desire with the duplicate bags.

Local Bags:

Local bags are those which you can find anywhere and everywhere in your local markets and in malls. These are the bags which anyone can afford no matter what class you belong to. They are available in various colors and designs. The material which use in manufacturing are depends on the price, so there are also some good quality and bad quality bags available in shops. But despite branded bags you can exchange local bags by time to time.

Even you can match them to your outfits and dresses. For daily use local bags are easy to carry and comfortable in use. At least if something happened with your reasonable bag, you will not regret as much as you buy the one costly bag.

Choose your bag according to your body:

We all are different than one another. Not everything is suit on every one. So the basic rule to select the handbag to choose it opposite to your body. Just like you do with your clothes. You need to check all angels. If you are tall and thin in height then choose short and digression bags.

Your-go-to style:

your handbags should be more specious, stay away from shoulder bag with short straps.

Oversized bags aren’t for petite women. Big bags will vanquished you. You need to avoid shoulder bags with a long straps. A medium-sized tote should be your basic bag.

If you are oversize, pick a textured bag. It will help you to balance out your curves. Tiny prints and small bags you need to avoid.


Whether you are a branded person or are easy going with anything, in both situation what you need to do is just buy the handbags according to your budget, body and need. Bags are very important in our lives and especially an essential role in woman life.


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