Health Benefits of Earthen Utensils Cooking

All mud crockery in one pic

The more we getting advance in life, the more we realizing the importance of the ancient life. Everything has changed with time. The living customs of human being from earliest time to present. In history people’s style of living was different than us. Our lives became a robotic where we are destitute of machines.

An ancient time food choices were limited, but healthy. They grow their food by themselves. All of them used to get up early in the morning, whether it’s a man or a woman, or child. They used to eat healthy food which helped to keep them healthy and active. The ratio of the disease were more than less.

With their rest of the activities and fresh food the other reason of their fitness and keep prevent them from illness that, they use earthen utensils. Whether they cook food in clay pot, drink water or stored water. All for the needs they used mud crockery. Even in this time in village people follow the same way of life. When mud pot stored water the minerals in the clay mixed into it. Even the mud pot keep the water cool.

Benefits of clay pot:

Clay pots are the heat resistant. As we all know that the procedure of making it is going through the furnace to make it kiln and glazed. So when you pour a hot food into this, your food remain hot on top of the plate. If you want to hold the plate from the bottom, you won’t find it as hot as a steel or plastic plate.

Protected for microwaves:

As we made our life much easier. Everything is one hand away, because technology brought much comfort and convenience of things. Microwave is one of the way where we can re worm our food within seconds. But you may know that when we conveniently put plastic to heat up our food into it, that the plastic releases toxic chemicals during heated up. These gasses can be very harmful for human body. Therefore the earthen utensils are organic and safe for the human body.

They are ideal for milk & milk products:

Have you ever noticed that your grandma consolidate yogurt in clay pot? Explaining how easily spoilt milk & milk products are. The safest thing you do is to store these edibles in clay or ceramic vessels. Not using earthenware is also a reason for people getting sick.

So now those have come to who realized it, now using the mud pots for their cooking and food. In TV channels and in some big restaurants and hotels you may noticed the use of earthen pots.


Not everyone has the organic taste like clay pots. And this is a reality that food deos look much better in them. The slow cooking process maintain all the nutrients in the food that we cook so it make the food more flavorful.


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