5 Health tips when working from home

5 health tips when working from home

The coronavirus has prompted countless companies to close our offices and offer employees the option to work remotely. Now working from home at first sounds exciting but it comes with countless challenges and at the same time uncertainty. So here I am highlighting five health tips to help you manage your mental well-being during this tougher period.

It’s important to pay attention to the updates your company will be sharing during this period. If you’ve never worked from home before for a long period of time. Or if you’re worried about how working from home might affect your performance and also as health. Even if you’re worried about how to manage distractions during this period then hopefully these five health tips will help.

Tip number 1 Keep connected:

One of the biggest challenges that many face when working from home is feeling isolated and lonely. Therefore it’s really important in this period of time when we have an added requirement to even isolate that we try and keep connected with others. When we feel isolated and alone it can have a real impact on our productivity. Therefore it’s really important to keep connected during this time and luckily technology now allows us to do that.

So it advised to continue having team meetings, connecting with clients to continue. To have regular conversations with colleagues and co-workers during this time. Again technology allows us to do that easily. You can utilize tools such as Microsoft Team, Skype even Face Time or Whatsapp video call. Utilizing this technology allows us to stay connected in this situation. It’s also very easy to neglect video when you’re working from home. Also very easy to not want to go on video but it’s important that you try and do.

Because video can psychologically really humanize the conversation. It could be a simple video chat with a colleague to find out how they’re getting on. A team meeting that you do on and making sure that everyone’s still on the same page. But with technology at our disposal, there’s really no excuse.

Tip number 2 Keep a similar routine:

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Now obviously your routine is going to differ from what it was when you were going into the office. But trying to keep your routine as similar to the one that you normally lead Monday to Friday is really important. Let’s be honest when you’re working from home it’s easier to get up later. To maybe have a bigger breakfast and probably work in your pajamas all day. That’s why try and match your routine as closely as possible for example wake up at the same time as you normally would. Get up get dressed wearing the same clothes that you normally wore when you went to the office.

Follow a similar morning routine and start work at the same time as you normally did work at a desk. If you were used to doing that take lunch at the same time and finish work at the old time. You can try and match your routine in these circumstances. It’s going to be really important and I know this will be awkward at the beginning. It will look strange but the quicker you can get into the same routine the better it’s going to be for your productivity and also your general mood.

Tip number 3 Manage your Expectations and your workload:

When you work remotely your mind is naturally going to start being over critical about the work that you’re doing. And because you’re not surrounded by colleagues it’s difficult to keep yourself accountable. During this time you need to really help yourself manage your expectations and the workload as best as you can. This refers back to point number one again over communication. Communicate with your manager, with your team and co-workers. Make sure you know what is expected of you, today tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Don’t be afraid of having open conversations with your team. Every mind at work would really focus on normal in those difficult conversations and this is a really important time to try and put that into practice. If you are struggling at any point with working from home for any reason but don’t be ashamed of speaking to someone in your team. Or someone within your company and trying to address those concerns early on. When you have clear expectations of what you need to do every single day.

list of work to do list for health tips

It’s going to remove a lot of the fear and anxiety and also the self-judgment and when it comes to your workload. It’s very easy to wake up in the morning and write down a huge to-do list of every task that we need to do. Because when we work from home it feels like we have the whole day in front of us. But working from home can come with a lot of distractions. So adding a big to-do list can cause a lot of anxiety and heavy pressure. So it’s really important that you try and prioritize the main tasks. Make sure they’re in alignment with the expectations that’s been set of you. And that’s going to really help with the productivity also reduce the anxiety and the stress.

Tip number 4 Control your Environment:

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Now you’re working from home I guess. You can work from your bed have Netflix on in the background, the coffee to the side along with the breakfast. Whenever you want it you can eat. Now one of these sound amazing the beginning but what you’ll soon find is all of these can really affect your mood and of course your efficiency. Similar to try to match your routine and control your environment as best as you can to minimize distractions. For example work at a desk if you haven’t got a desk. You can work on the dining-room table, try and get yourself a comfortable chair.

It sounds like a lot of work but it’s going to be hugely valuable during this period. The best way that we can reduce distractions could mean making sure that your TV is turned off. Switch your cell phone to airplane mode when you’re working from home. It seems easy to spend more time on your phone because no one’s watching over your shoulder. Not all distractions can be stopped or eradicated but you can try and manage it as you possibly can.

It’s also very important to change your environment from time to time. So get up take some short breaks to walk around the house go and make yourself a coffee. Grab a snack maybe bring it back to your desk lunch. Take a lunch break, open up some windows. Try new ideas to change that environment because when you work from home. That can really damage your effectiveness and it can impact your productivity. Try these health tips.

Tip number 5 Utilize lost commute time:

What I mean by, this is the time that you may be spending every single day going into the office can now be spent on self-care. It can now be spent on prioritizing and proactively managing your mental health. During these days it’s very easy for us to react to what’s going on and to the emotions that we’re going to be feeling. But try and utilize that lost commute time to proactively manage your mental wellness.

Even if it’s a short 10-minute drive into the office you now have an extra 20 minutes every day when you’re working remotely. So use those 20 minutes wisely but at the same time for a lot of people. It could be an hours-long commute in the morning and hours-long commute back. Now you have two hours to try, maximize that time and use that time for self-care. In the morning think about what you can do to set yourself up for a better day. It could be a short 10-minute meditation and journaling or could be reading a new book.

You can do a little bit of exercise yoga or whatever you decide to do. Just utilize that time for you in the evening for the commute home. It will help to keep your mind active it could be spending some more time with family and getting yourself ready for the new day ahead. So Look after yourself and those who are around you.

Hopefully, these health tips will work for you.


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