All you need to know about basic Home tools Kit

all you need to know about basic home tools kit

From time to time you need to fix things around your house or apartment. There are simple jobs that you can do yourself rather than hire a handyman. It saves you time and money all you need are some essential home tools kit. However, it’s often a mistaken notion that you only need a couple of screwdrivers a plier and a hammer to do the job.

More often than not this makes it worse and will take you longer to finish the task. You always want to have the right tools for the job at hand. Quality hand tools are so affordable these days there is really no need to scrimp. On the other hand, when you go to a hardware store there are myriad tools on display that can confuse you and you just don’t know where to begin.

Home tools kit

Today I’ll recommend the minimum hand tools that can address maybe around 80 to 90% of the repair and maintenance jobs. You may already have the following tools a pair of scissors a box cutter or knife a slotted tip also called tip screwdriver. A Phillips tip also called + tip screwdriver long nose plier for a gripping tightening loosening turning wires.

A diagonal cutter for cutting wires stripping installation from copper wires and a hammer. Hammer nails to remove nails pry open wooden boxes or frames but a word of caution these are not nearly enough. And if you just make do with only these you can get into trouble.


Screwdriver set home tools kit

Let’s start with the screwdrivers which are the most important tools in order for a job to be done. Well, there are many sizes of screws and one screwdriver is not one size fits. You need different sizes of screwdrivers. I recommend at least two sizes of slotted tips that fit the most commonly used screws. A six-point five-millimeter wide tip and a five-millimeter wide tip.

I also recommend at least two sizes of Phillips screwdrivers the sizes are designated with a pH suffix. You’d want a pH one which is the smaller tip and a pH 2 which is the larger tip. These two pairs one pair of slotted tips and another pair of Phillips tips should cover a large percentage of screws you’ll find used in your house. Bear in mind that you should only use the correct screwdriver or else you’ll damage the screw heads.

You’ll have a hard time removing screws with damaged heads.

Tongue & Groove Plier:

Next, you should have a tongue and groove plier which can double as an adjustable wrench and slip-joint pliers. Having two pliers handy gives you flexibility and you can use them together to gain mechanical leverage to tighten or untighten.

Measuring Tape:

Then we have the measuring tape make sure you have one with both metric and English. A metal ruler for marking and lining up your measurements on the surface of your workpiece. And nothing ever looked tall is the scratch awl or sometimes called an ice pick.

It is a good practice that before you drive a screw or drill a hole you should create a small reference dent using scratch all. The small dead mark prevents slipping while you’re driving a screw or drilling hole.

Metal file Tool:

Meta file set home tools kit

A file is a tool used to expel fine measures of material from a workpiece. Most are hand apparatuses, presented of a defense solidified steel bar of rectangular, square, triangular, or round cross-area, with at least one surfaces cut with sharp, by and large, equal teeth. A metal file is another often overlooked tool. If there are sharp edges whether wood or metal you want to file them off to avoid injury.

And finally the Hacksaw:

You’d needed to remove twigs cutting a pipe and many other cutting tasks on wood and metal that obviously a pair of scissors or a knife cannot handle.

There you have it the minimum set of hand tools you might also consider instead of buying individual screwdrivers and scratch all. To buy a screwdriver set it replaces the screwdrivers and the scratch awl. The one has a handle that can take in different tool heads. There are three Phillips sizes a pH – a pH one in an even smaller pH zero.

Which is commonly used for electronic devices and there are three slotted head sizes a six-point five millimeters a five millimeter and a smaller three millimeter. There is also the scratch awl and a tack puller for prying out tacks small nails and box lids.

These are the minimum hand tools you should have to tackle most of your repair work around the house. Now, of course, there are home tools kit that you can buy inset. Just make sure if there are missing pieces compared to the list I gave to buy those pieces to complete your kit.


This is a good start and a basis to build up a more sophisticated home tools kit. So when you find out that there are additional tools you need by all means go out and buy that to a quality hand tool. By the way, safety first wears eye protection when working and also keeps an earplug handy for noisy jobs.


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