How Obesity and Cancer Are Interlinked with Each Other?


You may have heard from many doctors, family and people around you that obesity is the boss of every disease. Obesity is the root of many diseases. By obesity we mean having extra fat. Try to lose weight as soon as possible before you face some severe consequences. One of the main disease that is link to obesity is cancer. Both obesity and cancer are interlinked with each other. If you have some extra fats, then you are at the risk of having cancer.

Obesity and Cancer Are Interlinked

It is an important topic of discussion as the cancer is one of the most dangerous and life threating disease. A person can be obese because of many factors like food habits, hormone imbalance, emotional factors etc. it also causes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. Cancer can only be cured if diagnose in the beginning but if it diagnosed at the last stage it would be difficult to cure the disease.

Following are the reason of obesity that causes cancer

Increase Level of Insulin:

When a person is fat he is at the risk of developing diabetes which increase the level of insulin in blood. This insulin develops the cancerous cell and may cause cancer.

Low-Level Inflammation:

This is most common in obese people and one of the main cause of cancer in many individual.

High Estrogen Level:

Estrogen of woman with extra body fat increases. The excess amount of estrogen may cause breast cancer in many females.

Fat Cell:

Fat cells regulate the cancerous cells. They boost up the cancer causing cells.

Following are the type of cancer which may occur because of the obesity

  • Breast cancer
  • Gallbladder
  • Kidney
  • Thyroid
  • Prostate
  • Pancreatic
obesity is the cause of cancer

Try to follow the following tips in order to lose weight and live a healthy life.

A Change in Lifestyle:

Try to change your way of living. Develop the habit of exercise as soon as possible. You can consult doctor or any gym instructor to guide you properly. As obesity is interlinked with cancer so start to change your way of living.

Take Support:

Being obese is not always linked to eating in excess but it may be due to many other factors just take support from the professionals who will guide you properly.  Professionals know how to deal with this problem. They will set a healthy diet, proper exercise and instructions for you.

take help to lose weight

Medication or Surgery:

If you are not able to lose weight after all the diet and exercise, then you should consult proper doctor. He will provide you with proper medications and suggestion. Even after taking all the medication you are not able to lose weight then doctor may suggest you for the surgery. Liposuctions is the surgery in which the fat is be cut from the body.

If you are obese then start to take action as soon as possible. Keep notice of your weight and measure your weight now or then.  If you need any help from the doctor, then you can search for the concern doctor from e360 website.


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