How to Shape an Eyebrow According to Your Face:

Shape of eyebrows according to face shapes

Usually we all take care of our face, body, and the rest of the features. Especially give an importance to our face which is good. But have you ever noticed that eyebrows is also an important part of our face, which many of us don’t give much importance that which shape of eyebrows will suits with our face. There are some people who always notice others eyebrows that how they made it.

Eyebrows are the spiral parts of the hair on the human face above each of the eyes. Eyebrows usually affectively conveying our face emotions, like when we surprise or anger. Like one raised eyebrow expressing the person sarcasm emotion or mild disapproval. Eyebrows purpose is protecting our eyes. Plus eyebrows can make or break the over all look of our face. Everything is for a reason in human body, that’s why without eyebrows a person face doesn’t look proper at all.

Eyebrows make your face shape more framed. Eyebrows change your face dynamics dramatically. Eyebrows have many shapes, and everyone make them according to their choice. So if you didn’t shape your eyebrow the way it suits you, your overall face look may affected. You know that eyebrows grow again after plucking it with plucker or with thread. So if you messed up with your eyebrow shape, doesn’t mean that you are not able to fix it again.

Clues to your best brow shapes:

We all have different face shapes, some have round, oval, square etc. As we are discussing that eyebrows is the important part on our face, through which we express our emotions. So somehow it is important to pluck your eyebrow which makes your face more impressive and give it to a soften look. If you don’t give a value to your eyebrows texture, it will completely change your structure of your face.

Round Face:

The widest part of the round face is its cheekbones. If you make rounded eyebrow shape on rounded face, than you are making it rounder. People who have a round face they need a curved or slightly arched eyebrow shape. Giving a length on a tail create an illusion on your round face to make it longer.


Most women are chasing an oval face, through brow design and contorting. The forehead of oval shape is not wider than the chin. To the side of the face, there is a slight curve and a soft chin. You are lucky enough too born with an oval shape because most brow styles suit it. But it is important to make sure that you have a suitable thick eyebrow. For you the most complimentary, it is best to avoid making brows too angular. To reflect your features, keep the features soft.

Square Face:

Square face shape are powerful and describe, the face has angular jawline and straight sides. With the arch brow the square face will look less boxy. A raised eyebrow and long tail help to lengthen the face. Your features may not flatter with rounded brow.

Heart face:

You will find a heart face with a narrow pointed chin, and the widest part of the shape is the forehead. To make appear the forehead smaller and soften the chin, you can do it with the right brows. The lines of the heart shape can beautifully emphasise with round brows. All you need to keep them shorter in the length and held together.


Eyebrows are prominent facial feature. Brows help to shape the face and play a role in communication. There are so many beauty ideals for eyebrow. Eyebrows can recognize the person as well. Now a days bushy and thick eyebrows are in.


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