Interesting facts about Pakistan

Pakistan Interesting facts

Our beloved country The Islamic republic of Pakistan, almost 72 years ago it was a part of India. All of us know that Pakistan has separated on the basis of one ideology. We were completely different from Hindus, due to our religion, culture and ethical values. So 14th august 1947 is the day on which we get our freedom after so many sacrifices which will never be forgotten.

Pakistan has very interesting and an important geostrategic position. It is the 6th most populous country in the world. Pakistan has 4 provinces, but don’t worry we will not speak about what you already know. We will discuss some interesting facts about this country.

So let’s start it.

The land of pure:

Pakistan has world’s oldest and prosperous civilization. It has great history and the land of great poets, artists, saints and Sufis. The major archaeological sites in Pakistan are, Moenjo Daro, Mehr Garh, Harappa, Taxila, Takht Bhai, Kot Diji, and the Murghagull Garha Cave. Pakistan has the largest system of irrigation based in the world. Most areas of Pakistan lack electricity, that’s why people use canals to heeder their lands.

Do you think desert can fertile?

A barren area of landscape where living conditions are difficult for plants and animals. You may be amused that the Tharparkar Pakistan is the only fertile desert in the world. Tharparkar is the part of Thar Desert and legs in South Asia.

National Anthem Tune:

Pakistan national anthem is the number one ranked tune in the world due to its inspiring, motivational and beautiful poetry. At the same time Pakistan has also hold the record of most people singing the anthem, simultaneously.

Fourth Intelligent People in the World:

European Business Administration institute organized a poll, according to which from 125 countries across the globe, Pakistanis have been ranked the forth smartest people. The seventh largest collection of engineers and scientists Pakistan has. The late Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal are the world’s youngest certified Microsoft experts. On globally recognized achievers are Ali Moeen Nawazish, Haroon Tariq and Moosa Firoz

Miraculous, Spectacular beauty:

In Kaghan valley at the height of 16,490 feet Aansu Lake shaped like tear drop. Trango Towers called the rooftop of the world, the world’s tallest vertical mountain. With four of the 10 highest peaks of the planet, Gilgit Baltistan make Pakistan the ‘the rooftop of the world’.

Pakistan has the largest and most beautiful Railway mile in the world. View of a tunnel and a bridge over a river on the railway track from Rohri to Quetta, the longest railway in the world and the most pleasing railway ride in Asia.


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