How to engage your kids with activities in lockdown?

How to engage your kids with activities in lockdown

We are into a period of forced social distancing with a temporary suspension of school and working from home to fight the spread of Covidn19. One of the main challenges now is finding enriching activities for our kids. That doesn’t involve a travel or physical interaction with other kids. Keeping them entertained can be a challenge. I’m going to share with you some meaningful ways to engage your child at home. For that will go over some broad categories that should be included in your child’s schedule every single day. Here are some kids activities suggestions.

Number 1 Physical Activity:

I would say that this is one of the most important things to include. Active playtime is essential for a number of reasons. It’s important for physical development it helps regulate sleep patterns and also helps with maintaining attention and focus. A few ideas are dance parties or pillow fights with the family. Making obstacle courses from furniture and household objects. Hide and seek planning a scavenger hunt around the house animal yoga and animal walks. Building a fort or a tent, skipping rope and playing hopscotch and twister.

Number 2 Screen Time:

screen time kids activities

I am sure it’s very difficult to limit screen time especially since children see us adults constantly typing on our laptops. Watching Netflix or whatsapping away on our phones. So rather than banning screens, try and make screen time productive. I like to think that there are two different types of screen time. There is passive screen time which involves watching TV or videos mindlessly.

For example, this is when your child is glued to the screen and they don’t blink and their eyes almost look glazed over. However, on the other hand, there is active screen time this is when the child is engaged and participating.

Active screen time can be a great tool and should be allowed with supervision and in limited doses. Some examples of activities that you can incorporate into your child’s routine are using the web to research and look up something that they are curious about. Finding them fun dance and exercise videos that they can copy playing interactive thinking games that promote learning and problem-solving. Or stay in touch with friends and family over video calls.

learning kids activities

Number 3 Learning time:

For children that do not have an online school, it is important to spend some part of the day doing what we would call academic activities. Depending on your child’s age this could be completing worksheets, practicing reading, writing math or playing games related to words and numbers. These help your child stay on track and provide a continued education regardless of formal schooling or not.

Number 4 Free play:

This is an unstructured place where your child is free to choose any game toy or activity that they wish. This allows them to explore unwind and learn to be by themselves. Some examples of activities could be blocks buzzers, reading, coloring drawing or pretend play. This is generally unsupervised time so make sure that the options that are available to them are safe.

Number 5 Arts and Crafts:

art & crafts kids activities

This is my favorite category these are activities that work on a great number of skills. They work on fine motor skills which is basically using the small muscles in your fingers to complete activities. They work on hand and eye coordination and organization and planning. There are lots of easy activities you can do with things.

You already have at home such as painting with brushes cotton balls earbuds and even your fingers cutting activities to create different shapes. Like snowflakes and origami molding or clay. Making collages from all newspapers and magazines and scrapbooking about themselves and the family.

Number 6 Family time:

Since we’re all in the house together why not use this opportunity to spend quality time with the family. Some activities include playing board games or playing card games together. Cooking or baking activities interviewing different members of the family to learn more about them. Or journaling together to talk about your child’s thoughts and feelings during this difficult time.

 Number 7 E-learning platforms:

Digital learning platforms ensure that learning never stops. All we need is an internet connection and a laptop or a tablet. Several educational technology providers like Byju’s learning app, LMS. Digiskills and little learning are at present providing all their online courses free of cost. Most of these platforms have a tracker system to monitor the progress of tips and children can read and immerse themselves in a variety of subjects. From science mathematics.

Number 8 Books and magazines:

If the present digital era it is important to ensure children unplug their technology and spend time with books. It helps to develop learning capabilities and also speech development and social interaction. As a parent, you can spend some time together reading poetry, etc. with your kids whenever you take a break from your work. To help children maintain social distancing many other sites like Amazon and some other sites are offering free eBooks.

Number 8 Fun and Games:

Schools placing lots of emphasis and curriculum and academics creativity and logical thinking are often pushed down. Bored and puzzle-based games like which we were used to play during our childhoods carom board, snake and ladder, luddo can keep their brain cells active. There are new games that can engage children, for example, connect the dots which makes it imperative for children to put on their thinking caps. Other such games include memory games jigsaw puzzles etc.

Number 10 Do more with YouTube:

Earlier the only source of screen time for children was a television but now the internet brings them numerous YouTube channels with interactive visuals and content. Their many channels which focuses on museum adventures and history takes the children through science and art events. National Geographic kids upload wonderful videos on animal interactions. Fun, science experiments and kid-friendly travel locations. A crash course, on the other hand, is another channel that covers general introductions and explains the concepts in history science and ethics.

Gardening and house cleaning projects:

Encourage kids to water the plants look after the kitchen garden and plants. This will enable them to get some sunshine and fresh air and they’ll be able to play outside. Let them play for a short period of time outside of their own. And don’t forget to ask them to indulge in the joy of bird-watching. Ask them to keep their play area clean arrange their own books to make their bed and all. Which will make them more responsible during with holidays.


This is the parent’s responsibility to make them engage and they should feel that they are not missing anything. Doing all these kids activities things you can keep them happy and engaged. Don’t lose your heart that you are stuck at home there is so much you can do and even your kids can do.


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