Know All About Different Types Of Heels Before Buying Them

high heels

Almost every woman loves to wear heels to complete their look. As it is well said that heels are woman best friend and without any doubt every woman loves to wear heels. Comfortable heels and shoes boost up their confidence, change the entire look and make everyone to look at you as you enter the room. There are different types of heels in the market.

different types of heels

There is not just one or two types of heels and shoes available in the market but when you go for shopping you can see a vast range of different types of shoes in the aisles. If you are planning to buy a new pair of heels then you can get help from this blog. Following are different types of available in the market.

block heel

Block Heel

Block heels are new in trend. They don’t only look stylish but are super comfortable. They are like small block under the shoes. They lift the whole weight of the body equally and helps to maintain the body weight and makes you walk and stand comfortably.

Cuban Heel

They are small heels which are present under the ankle boots. It is solid and helps you to walk comfortably.

cone heel

Cone Heel

It is thick from the top and it becomes thin while coming down. It comes in all size from low to medium and then to high heels.

decorative heel

Decorative Heel

These types of heel are preferred for wedding functions, birthday parties and many other events. They are elegantly designed and decorated. They look super dreamy and attractive.

flare heel

Flare Heel

Just like the flare jeans these heels gain huge popularity over the period of time. They are slimmer base and it gradually widens up as it comes toward the bottom.

different types of heels

Kitten Heel

These heels are ideal for anyone who don’t feel comfortable in wearing the high heels. They are usually under three inch. And helps you to look stylish and yet comfortable.

different types of heels

Thin Heel

These heels look very stylish but they are not mostly comfortable. They make you look tall and beautiful.


These were just the few different types of heels you can see in the market. There are vast range of manufacturer and suppliers in Pakistan. You can get their information from e360 website and can contact them through their web portal. Which heel do you like the most to wear? do share your liking with us.


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