2 Motivational Blogs by Fellow Language Learners

motivational language learner

Learning New Language:

In the big scary world have you ever feel yourself all alone of learning a new language? As language beginner, we are persons first, and there is nothing like a human point of view to motivate us and remind us that we are not alone in our endeavors.

We feel despairs by our own embarrassment in other language. According to plan when your learning language isn’t improving perfectly, you get easily discouraged. The internet is helping you learning a specific language in a particular country. Here I tried to figure out through all that digital noise which can motivate you to learn other language.

Some of famous language information I will share over here.


In her mid-30s she was an English language speaker. She spent her early life in abroad. She studied French and Spanish, as well as did a Hebrew immersion course. It was not the end of her destiny. In 2014 her individual trip to Argentina something clicked to her, then she realized that how she can taught herself a languages. Through her blogs she decided to share her fruits of her language. In a result she made a blog Talk Foreign to me which is so appealing to the readers.

Ruth share her learning journey from her own language. And if you are French and Spanish language lover you can find tons of information here.


It’s never too late to learn something. That means you can learn things in any stage of your life. In this following statement Newell is a great example who ever learned a language in his age 50s. Now he is getting rid of the myth that there is such a thing after being ‘too old’ to learn a language. Adventures in middle Spanish annals his experiences working with Spanish-Speaking refugees and immigrants in Mexico and in Minnesota at his home. According to his perspective you can in your backyard instead of abroad

Although the blog’s focal point on Spanish language and Mexican culture, its scrupulist are golden for anyone who wish to learn a language in their declining years.


So anything can be easy until you take step towards it and make it true. Learning different language is also a key to interact with different people. Age should not be stop you to learn something new in your life even though it’s a language.


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