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fight depression

fight your depression

depression kills

Depression is the serious problem but some of us take it for granted. Depression is like a black space in which you are living. Everything seems meaningless. You feel lonely and left out. It makes you to escape from the reality. Mostly teenagers are the victim of this issue. People commit suicide if this issue exaggerates. It’s really hard to get up early in morning when to do some small tasks if you are depressed. Sadness and depression are totally different things. Sadness is for few hours but depression lasts longer. Now the question is that how to fight depression? What steps we should take and which treatments are beneficial to make the person normal.

bless your uneasiness as a sign that there is still life in you

-Dag Hammarskjold

Following are the treatments or techniques you can use to fight depression

how to fight depression

Talk Therapy:

Talk therapy is also known as psychotherapy. You talk to the other person and share your problems and in return the other person helps you to find the solution. Psychologist usually educate the person about what depression really is and how he can fight with. Depressed people usually find negativity in almost everything. By talk therapy the psychologist tries to change his perception and make him realize that positive things are also present by his side. He should focus more towards the positivism.

This talk therapy has helped my individual who were dealing with the depression.

light therapy to fight depression

Light Therapy:

Sunlight is very beneficial for human body. It helps to release the happy hormones in the body making the person feel happy and satisfied. Have you ever noticed that people become down during winters when there is less sunlight? This is because they don’t receive enough sunlight.

If you can’t get the natural light, then we got a light treatment for you. In this treatment the person is made to stand in front of a small box which emits the light of the same wavelength as that of sun for 30 to 60 minutes. This light helps to release the happy hormones. This also have proven to treat the depression effectively.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy:

As the word electro indicate that it is something related to electricity. When all the therapies fail then this therapy is use. This therapy is performed in the operation theater by giving anesthesia to the person. The person is made to fall asleep and sent into the relaxation mode.

After this the patient is given the shock for like 5 seconds not more than that. It releases seizure in small which helps to reset the brain. This treatment may seem terrifying but it treats the depression patient very well.


Diet plays an important role in almost everything. A healthy diet makes the healthy body and sound mind. Anything you put in your stomach effect your body. If you put healthy food, then you will feel healthy but if you eat a lot of junk food then you end up with making your body junk.

So eat healthy food that is full in nutrition. You should include red meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, whole grain etc. in your diet. This reduces inflammation from the body and helps to fight the depression. “You are what you eat”


Depression is a serious problem. We should not overlook it. If you are facing depression and need any kind of help, then you can simply contact us through e360 website. On this website you can see a number of doctors, psychotherapist and stress management clinics. If any of your friend or family member is have depression, then help them out before it’s too late.


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