Famous Leather Goods Stores in Pakistan:

leather is a fashion symbol

Many people loves leather goods, things which made from leather always in fashion and durable. Different animal’s skin use for leather. Usually leather products made from cattle and calves like Cow hide, goat, buffalo, and snake, alligator, horses, sheep, lambs skin and so on. To make variety of articles leather is used, the list include footwear, automobile seats, fashion accessories, bags, book bindings, clothing, and furniture. After the research from cow there is 65% leather comes, 15% comes from sheep, from pigs 11% and from goats 9%. In Pakistan you will find a variety of leather products and leather goods stores. Brands which are famous for leather goods we will list up and discuss here about leather goods stores.

Jafferjees and Hub are on the top of the list.


In the city of Quetta the Quettawala family established a business over 135 years, then British India. Their product line expended to include shoes, leather goods and leather cushioning furniture. Jafferjees obtain name for promoting high quality leather goods in British India.

The flourishing port city of Karachi offered new opportunities and challenges in the late 1920’s, and jafferjees solitary moved to Karachi. In 1935 an enormous earthquake destroyed the city of Quetta. Therefore the jafferjees business center moved to Karachi.

Jafferjees products:

Jafferjees made their products for man and women both. In addition they make products for business and travel. In men collections you will find handcrafted wallets, belts, and travel bags in different shapes. While in women collection you will get keyring, wallets, hand bags, sling bag, jewellry box, compact wallets, crossbody purse, tote bags and all.The unique thing about their product is you can write your name or an item you select.


In 2001 brand Hub was launched as a retailer of premium quality leather goods. In five major cities of Pakistan the brand Hub has a complete luxury and lifestyle brand portfolio with increasing retail presence. Under the MIMA GROUP’S banner Hub is handled as an individual entity. A well-known group of Pakistani companies whose vertical integration in the leather textile making sectors, detects its foundation back to the 1900’s.

They claim that they put a high premium on design and glamorize to detail with a support of skilled and impulsive team of experts and technological support. The professionally managed company is pronominal to the requirement of national and internationals purchaser.

Collections of Hub:


In men collection wallets, office bags, car holders, key holders, belts and writing accessories are included.


Ladies wallets and ladies bags are the products in women collection.


The leather industry comprehended a distinguished place in the rest of the industries of goods. Leather products never get out of dated. People love to use leather material items.


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