The most loved apparel in winters are jacket and in jackets, leather jacket is most in demand. Leather jacket are basically the leather coats that are worn on the top of shirts’ sweaters or other apparels. They are mostly made up of hide of different animals. This animal hide is dyed in different colors mostly black and different shades of brown. Leather jackets can be made for many purposes and of different styles. Some people use these jackets to keep themselves warm while other wear them as a fashion.

Pure leather jackets are expensive as they are made up of pure animal hide and go through various process so people usually find a cheap alternative for them that is synthetic leather jacket that are made up of polyurethane or PVC. Some also wear synthetic leather jackets to pursue vegan lifestyle and some buy them for economic purpose as it is less costly.

Sheep skin, lamb skin, cow skin and buck skin are mostly used to manufacture the leather jackets. These skins go through a number of process before they come to the market. Leather jackets are also worn for protection. Leather jackets made for fashion purpose are different from the one that are made up for the protection purpose. Leather jackets made for protection are heavier, thicker with safety equipment in them and sometimes may have armors in them. The jacket made for fashion purpose are light in weight and don’t protect from accidents.

National leather jacket day is celebrated in hell’s angel on June 14th. The most famous countries for manufacturing the modern leather jackets are Pakistan, Mexico, India and United States. Following are the companies that manufacturers and supply the leather jackets in Pakistan.


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