We are living in 21st century where almost every home has a set of television. We see this electronic device almost everywhere around us. Through this device we can see the video and at the same time can hear the audio unlike that in radio where we are not able to view the video. Television is a great advancement and it has become necessity for us. TV is a great platform for us to get the information, news, entertainment and about what is happening around us.

Television was invented back in 19th and 20th century and until now many changes have been made in television like the 1st TV was mechanical television after that black and white came into being with that color television was made and now was see digital and smart television all around us. There won’t be any single house that don’t have led in their home, offices and shops.

Many companies are making led TV with their own new inventions and techniques. In which the top of the led manufacturing and suppling company is Samsung which is offering a wide range of different LED’s with different prices and of different size and shape.

The types and model of these led differ and their price varies depending on the specification that they are having. The most common types of Samsung LED’s are 3D technology led, smart T.V. which have access to Wi-Fi etc. Samsung 48JU6500 48″ UHD 4K Flat Smart Samsung 48JU6700 48″ 4K UHD Smart Curved Samsung 49K6000 49″ Full HD Flat Smart Samsung Q6F 75 inch Flat 4K Smart QLED TV are some of the most new ted introduced by Samsung.

Samsung 65 Inches Smart Uhd 4K LED TV

Model number 65NU7100 is one of  the most advanced TV introduced by Samsung it has Powerful UHD Engine with Wider Spectrum of Realistic Colors. It has Incredibly Fluid Motion

It is slim and has 4x clarity with built in Wi-Fi with makes it digital along with that this model have eco sensor and two Bluetooth ports.

LED’s are future as it is coming with built in Wi-Fi and smart T.V’s are taking rule all over T.V’s as we can also get connected with different people with this. LED’s have many advantages but it also has some disadvantages as well like excess exposure to them can cause severe diseases to human body and also the LED’s with good specification are quite expensive. This is a luxury and not the necessity but we have made it our necessity.


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