How Marbles enhance the beauty of any structure?

use of marble

You may see plenty of times beautiful and shiny floors in buildings and homes. The stone being used in statues, stairs, fireplaces, kitchen shelves and in museums. These elegant rocks called Marbles and Granite. Marbles are usually white and found on earth. You may find lines in marbles, colors and different patterns. Today we will discuss the use of Marbles and Granite.

How does Marble form:

Marble is a metamorphic rock which means it has changed. This change occurs when the heat and pressure naturally happens underground or on the surface of the earth changes a rock for thousands of years. The marble begins as limestone, made of hardened fossil and then heat and pressure have turned it into marble. In nature, marble can become very large stones, which are hundreds of feet in size.

Marble is made up of small minerals called calcite or dolomite. Occasionally, tine amounts of other minerals like Quartz and Mica are found in marble, giving it a variety of natural colors, patterns or designs.

Places where Marble found:

There are many countries where are marble found like Greece, Spain, India, Turkey, Italy and the United States of America, etc. today four countries consume half of the world’s marble. The countries’ names are Italy, China, Spain, and India. Nevertheless, some other countries also produce marble.

Pakistani companies exports marble:

Farrukh Granite Art:

Farrukh Granite is located in the city of Pakistan. In Pakistan, the company is introducing the exotic marble granite and stones throughout the world. Since decades the FGA is serving the community. They are one of the oldest and Marble and Granite suppliers in Islamabad.

The store was established 20 years ago in Islamabad. Since then they are known for top quality materials. Their aim is to offer not only a single product but they render a complete range of services.

They in various types of marbles like Rainforest brown marble, Thunder white marble. Nero wave marble, Cavato marble, Fantasy cream marble, etc.

They provide tops marble which uses in the table too, kitchen and bathroom shelves. They have a huge variety in stairs marble. Unique and elegant marbles are available for floors.

Marble City:

The company is located in the famous city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar. The company journey is started in 1999. Marble city is the supplier, importer-exporter, and wholesaler. They have been providing their services for over 17 years in Pakistan. The factory is situated in Hayatabad which is the industrial area of Peshawar.

They are one of the natural largest stones stocks in Pakistan and offering over 100 varieties of Marbles Granite, Travertine’s, and Onyx and sandstones. They supply their products for bungalows and many projects.

Their main clients are dealers, contractors, builders, and house owners. They have their staff which guides you according to your queries, projects and material selection.

United Diamond Tools:

The company is formed to manufacture and supply diamond tools for cutting marble granite and natural stone way back in 1991. They are experienced professional promoters in the diamond tools industry. The company office and manufacturing plant is located in Islamabad Pakistan. Since 1991 in the field of marble cutting and producing the company play its role as a leader.


Marble is the element which enhance the beauty of any structure. The marble is used in various parts of the structure like homes, buildings, offices, museums etc. you will find a variety of marbles by choosing them for any purpose.


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