How to maintain mental health in covoid19?

How to mintain mental health in covoid19?

We all are going through this hard time of COVID-19. But the point is how we can stay calm, find peace, love, and hope in all of this crazy, chaotic situation. First off, this is something that is affecting every single person on the planet. Social distancing can save lives at this time which is so important. Not only is this impacting people’s health, mental health people’s lives, and families and loved ones this is impacting politics, and our economy as well.

People in different profession are working for mental health

The real heroes are the people who are working right now, working tirelessly. Whether they are working in healthcare doctors and nurses or people working on trying to find a vaccine. People working in a supermarket, those who keep our society and system together and running and functioning as best as possible during this time. Many of us live are being affected, jobs are being lost, income is not coming in, and it’s kind of scary and sad.

Many of us want to get into a dark place. It is understood that many of us want to panic. There’s a lot of uncertainty, much of anxiety and fear going on which can affect on mental health.

I want to try to share my thoughts and my points to help ease all of that. And you have to do your part properly. I have five main points to share today regarding mental health. The first point is in this insane, chaotic time, we have to remember to.

Be kind and choose love:

“we rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll
be kind and love for mental health

There is enough fear in the world right now, and love is actually the true opposite of fear. Love takes people together. Racism, separation, accusing people is not going to help anybody at this time. What we require to do is come together, help and support each other, be caring towards one another. Because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings, and this disease does not discriminate. You have to channel the energy of love during this time because love is the only thing that is going to keep us together. And we absolutely have to work through this together as a global community.

Next, if you want to reduce your fear, anxiety, and mental health problems during this time, the best thing you can do is.

Be present and focus on what you can control:

There are numerous things in the world that we can’t control. You have to accept the things that you can’t manage, but then recognize the things that you can manage. This is us who can control how we respond to the situation. So the same situation can happen, but you can choose to take it negatively, or you can choose to be positive about it. You can choose your words, thoughts, and actions. You can decide to do something good or self-sabotage or sabotage others. We have the power to choose love over fear in any given circumstance.

We have the ability to choose to be a good human being, rather than being someone that’s overtaken by fear and panic and giving into all those negative sentiments. Many of the fear people have is the fear of uncertainty. They have no idea where the world’s going to be in a few months. People are scared but that fear is based on something in the future that has not happened yet, and you can’t control the future. That’s not in your sphere of influence. So you have to focus on what you have the authority you can control in the existing moment.

The existing time is the only place that you have control over. There are so many unknowns, so focus on the moment in front of you. Do the best that you can.

Next, I want to touch on.

Cleansing your energy and finding inner calm during this time:

Peach and inner calm can reduce mental health

Even though the outside world is in turmoil, things are crazy and uncontrolled right now. You still have control over your inner world. You can regulate your emotions and not identify with your emotions is something that takes practice. It’s like working a muscle, and it’s a muscle that gets stronger by doing exercises such as meditation. And people that meditate have that inner calm, they have the practice to center themselves. Whatever you’re sensing right now, your feelings are true. It’s okay to feel fear to be sad and to be angry at this point. What I mean is express it in a healthy way. Don’t take it out on other people.

If you are a sensitive person, empathic this is the time to really do extra work to protect and cleanse your energy. You can do things like talking to people, your friends. You need to find out to physically express your energy exercise, do yoga. Even singing or screaming and making weird noises can help your body release this energy. Some people like to go out into nature. Some like to use crystals things that, to cleanse your energy. If you think all of this is too much, then actually reduce your screen time. Just put your phone away, get off the internet, and live your life in the present time. Find something else to involve yourself with, something positive and healthy.

Next, the virus has taught us that.

We are all interconnected:

Interconnected can help in mental health

I think this is one of the biggest lessons we are learning right now, that your actions not only affect you, but they also affect the people around you. That is this large network that is our whole global world, not just the people, but also our ecosystems. We must think of others and care about other people to protect all of us. Because we’re completely all in this together, and it goes back to we are one human race. We are one global community on earth and we really have to come together, recognize that, and stop fighting each other. Because hurting other people is hurting yourself. That’s what people are recognizing now.

The silver lining and grand purpose:

A lot of people’s lives are being lost. Many people’s lives are negatively affected and for many of us, it is hard. But if you look at a person’s life, we personally, have gone through so many hard, challenging, even traumatic times. And the fact that we are still alive and breathing and watching TV, what you’re doing right now, shows that you made it through that time and you are a stronger, wiser person because of it. A pandemic like this doesn’t happen super often. Expectedly, we’ll level up in our consciousness, in our perception. Hopefully, we create better human beings after these systems. So nature is healing herself. Something transformational is happening.

We can’t neglect that there is a silver lining and a greater aim in all of this. And when you focus on that then you have more hope for the future because I know right now some people might feel hopeless and scared, but remember that we will make it through.


People are going through a hard time in this pandemic period of time. We all are suffering from different things. The most important thing to maintain is our mental health. If you are mentally strong in a positive manner you can under control many things. Do you agree?


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