Natural Foods That Fight the Body Pain


Allah has made the nature so versatile. Nature have everything for us. Nature have organic foods which can make us healthy. These foods help us to treat the illness and keep our body healthy. These foods have nutrients in them which helps to keep the body strong and healthy. Organic things are much better than processed and inorganic food.

Below is the list of foods which contain all the basic nutrients. These foods are easily available in the market.


Ginger have been in used since ancient times as a medicine. It is best known for its soothing properties.Ginger use to relieve the period pain and it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Knee pain is also treat with the help of ginger.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium. migraine pain is cure with it. It is also use to treat the bone pain.


Turmeric is the important spice found in the Asian homes which in use in curries. It is use to reduce the inflammation. Turmeric is also use to heal the scars by speeding up the healing process. It is great in treating the osteoarthritis without any side effect. Make a tea by adding turmeric, ginger and honey in it for a healthy body.

Olive oil

Cartilage are protect with the use of extra virgin olive oil . Bone pain can be cure with it. Olive oil may be use as raw in salads and we can also cook food in this oil. It is use to relieve the joint pain.


Mint . It helps to relieve the stomach pain, cramps, gas and bloating. Just drink mint tea by adding ginger in it.


Salmon contain omega-3 which is anti-inflammatory. It is full of nutrients. It is good for the heart and also for the joint. Almost all fish are good for the health except the catfish and tilapia.

These were some of the best foods present in the nature for the healthy body and mind. By consuming the natural products, we don’t need any medications.


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