On Which Niche You Should Write Article/Blog?

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Niche You Should Write Article/Blog

Writing is not an easy task as some think. Especially for the people who have to write articles or blogs on daily basis. We get out of ideas. You can write in any language in which you feel comfortable and in which you are confident. Feel free to write about anything. The 1st and most important rule is to write in simple words and use sentence. Now the question is on which niche you should write article/blog?

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We have number of different topics on which you can write article. Every niche is important to write about. You can write about anything like you can do a product review, a movie review or can share a general information about anything. Following are the topics on which you can write


If you have smartphone, then you will surely have an account on Instagram. You can see a number of food blogger on Instagram who give and write their reviews about different food outlets. These are sometimes the paid sponsorship or something they do to gain more followers. They also write about the advantages and disadvantages of the food. You can also write about food and start food blogging.

fashion blog


This includes clothing, shoes, jewelry and everything that is trendy. Females are mostly interested in reading these articles. These kind of topic also helps to get information about what is in trend and what should be avoided.


The world is progressing and everyday there is new invention in technology. People love to read about different technology to get information before getting anything. You can write about mobile or laptop and share their specification and your review. People would love to read these articles before buying anything from the market.


Science is the vast field and you can write on this niche. Students mostly get help from these articles and blogs.This is the very useful niche you should write article/blog about.

travelling blog


Travel blogs are gaining fame and attract the tourists. It shows the positive image of different places. For example, Pakistani bloggers showed the positive side of Pakistan though their travel blogs and made Pakistan the number 1 tourist destination place. You can write about it and can share you experience of traveling.


If you have good knowledge about beauty products, then you can start to give product reviews. Females especially love to read beauty blogs as it guides them how they can take care of their skin and which products they should buy.

sports blog


If you are the one who loves to play different sports and have great knowledge about all the rules and regulations of different sports, then you can easily write blogs on sports. You can write about how a certain sport is played, what are the rules and regulations and you can also write your view point about the recent match you have watched.

You can check the blog post of famous Pakistani blogger “Hamna Raza” to get some ideas.


There are unlimited number of niche on which you can write. Just do a little research before writing about anything. Are you a blogger or a influencer? Share your ideas on how to select the topic in the comment section.


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