Overseas Employment Promoters in Pakistan!

Promoters of overseas employment

Who is a Promoter?

An overseas employment promoter is someone who wants to work or to help or recruit someone to emigrate, shall apply to the Federal government for a license. His application provides such information and documents shall pay security and fee and that time in such manner as may be advised. Overseas employment promoters have many responsibilities.

The promoter in overseas employment playing an important in the private sector. Overseas promoters are granted OEP license to move to nontraditional manpower countries, especially in the Middle East, in needy and traditional workforce countries, in order to negotiate with the region’s leading employers. So that more manpower demands can be met Pakistani workforce.

Overseas employment promoters after hard work bring demands and reports to the relevant regional office called the Protectorate of immigrants for permission to recruit the Pakistani workforce. Once approved the demand is issued in a leading newspaper. Eventually, the employer completes the hiring process by itself or his representative.

Afterward, the selected and enrolled are inscribed with the related protector of Emigrants. During the registration process, the intending migrants are completely informed about the rules and regulations and other main information of the host state.

List of overseas promoters:

Jahangir Alam Chohan:

The licensed title is Overseas Employment Corporation. Status is valid and the head office is in Islamabad and the branch office is in Lahore.

Ahmad Ali Gilani:

The license title name is Al-Hadait Industries. The location of the head office is in Sialkot Punjab.

Mahboob Ali Rizvi:

Peoples recruiting bureau is the title of their license. Their head office is located in Lahore.

Jamshed Ahmed Khan:

The status is valid and the license title is Haroon recruiting agency. Their office location is in Saddar Karachi.

Raja Faisal Dawood:

Raja Faisal Dawood license status is valid with the name Eastern Commodities Corporation. The office is located in Nursery Karachi Sindh.

Shehrzad Akram:

The agency name is Chaudhry recruiting agency and their status is valid. District Gujrat is the destination of their office.

Abdul Hussain Minhas:

Al-Amal Company is located in the satellite town Rawalpindi Punjab. Their license status is valid.

Omer Khitab Khan:

Omer Khitab Khan License title name is O.K Khan is available with valid status. Their office is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Pakistan. Their office is in Karachi.

Sajjid Ali Khan:

Allied Services International Limited has a valid status. They have three offices or branches in three different cities. Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.


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