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Trip to hunza valley

“If travelling was free you would never see me again”.

I don’t know that whose quote is this? But I love what he said. When you love to do something but you can’t describe it in your words, and when other person describe your feelings in a sentence that makes you feel so happy. Same as like when u can’t travel anywhere after you wish it most and when you read about travelling at somewhere, the places which you want to visit you feel that you are present at that place. Doesn’t matter if we are not able to go on our desire place at least we can get information about travelling place.

The world is full of beauty, the beauty of the people and the mesmerizing places. Pakistan is one of the part of its beauty where we live with our pride. Our beloved country Pakistan has a vast beautiful places which enhance its beauty. Instead of searching outside the country we must know about our own country.

Here I searched one place for your information in case if you make a plan to go on travel. So fasten your seat belt and here we go.

Hunza valley

If you are a nature, mountain and food lover person, then it will be the best place to boost up your excitement. People call it “the heaven on earth”. This mountainous valley situated in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza is located in the extreme part of the region, bordering with the Wakhan corridor. When you get there you will feel yourself in a fairy tale. It is most visited valley of Pakistan. If you do not like crowds then avoid to go over there from June to August. But if you want to go there anyway then April and August is the best time to visit.

Location in Hunza


Karimabad is the main bazar of Hunza, which has colorful shops with local dry fruits such as walnuts mulberry, almond, apricots etc. when you go at the end of the bazar there is Baltit village. Baltit fort is restored by the Agha khan fund for culture and heritage. 5 amazing things to do in Karimabad

5 amazing things to do in Karimabad

Jump up the Baltit fort

Pay a visit to Altit fort and village

Hike to the Ultar Base Camp

Pay attention to Ganish village

And last but not the least take a break at cafe the Hunza


It is a beautiful spot to see sunrise which is above the sea level at the height of 10000 feet. It is a small hotel in Hunza which has magnificent views of Rakaposhi, Golden peak, Ultar, and high reaching mountains.


Here was a little trip to Hunza with a brief information. You can make it more excited by visit there on your own.


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