8 Awesome Smartphone Gadgets & Accessories of 2020

8 Awesome smartphone gadgets & accessories of 2020

A smartphone is the most used thing in a human’s daily life. There would hardly be a single person who does not have a mobile phone. On a daily basis, Android and iPhone makers introduce new and latest phone gadgets and accessories.

This review will be interesting for those who can’t live without their phones and also look for new phone gadgets & accessories items.

I’m here with a list of some amazing Android and iPhone accessories.

Tribit Maxsound plus:

Tribit maxsound phone gadgets

I have to say this is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now. In the price, you’re getting an expensive sound excellent battery life and a rugged ipx7 water-resistant body. It’s a generic pill-shaped speaker but it’s definitely rugged around. The back is a silicone flap hiding the micro USB charging port and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. The controls are on the top plus you also get a nice carrying string.

The speaker gets loud enough to fill a medium-sized room and the sound quality is top-notch with great bass and if you want more bass you can just press the X base button. The battery life is rated at 24 hours of playtime. All alone for a speaker of this size.

Choetech charging pad:

This is a sleek modern looking 360-degree charging pad that can charge two phones simultaneously at 20 watts. It uses a wide five coil spread to increase the charging area and charging efficiency. You also get three charging modes 10 watts 7.5 watts and 5 watts for standard phones. The design for this pad is flawless with the PU leather surface that’s modern stylish and makes the entire pad lightweight and portable.

Plus the material makes it more grippy so that phones don’t slip around. And due to the 5 coils, you get a wider charging area for a single phone no need to fumble with your smartphone for a better charging position. All I have to say is that this is a great wireless charger to buy especially if you’ve been waiting for the Apple air power.

Crazybaby Nano 1s:

As more and more smartphones this is the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. The market for true wireless Bluetooth earphones has become increasingly flooded. Now, this is where the crazy baby one has come in. The design is solid and the carrying case looks sharp the base isn’t too strong but the treble range is where they truly shine. Which makes the Nano 1s spectacular for a variety of different genres ranging from classical to modern electronic music.

Crazybaby nano 1s phone gadgets

On the top portion of each earbud, there are two small control buttons. You can use these to raise or lower volume skip between tracks and manage calls. Each bud is capable of providing about 3 hours of playtime and that starts to extend towards 6 or 9 hours.

After you have accounted for the charging case and the case has a very premium feel. With the addition of the USB C and the LED indicator, it looks sleek and finally, the buds are also very comfortable and stays fit inside your ear.

If you’re looking for a premium Tru wireless air bar on the market then this is a great choice.

Lamech Hall Phonestand:

Lamech stand for phone gadgets

If you want a nice stand for your phone then look no further stand from Lamech hall. First of all the build quality is sturdy and is pretty lightweight too. The stand is angled just perfectly and has a hole on the back to route ear wire.

Plus it’s got rubber on the bottom to prevent it from slipping and rubber on the front. So your phone sits comfortably if you like to watch videos on a stand or just want to make it as a charging dock this will be perfect.

Lamicall phone ring holder:

Now, this is something that you thought you might never need but once you’ve used it you cannot live without it. This is a simple ring with a strap but it makes holding your phone so much easier. You can now reach the corners of your screen pretty easily and the strap will prevent you from accidentally dropping your phone.

The ring can also be used as a stand as well and you can just pop off the front so you can wirelessly charge your phone. Or if you want something more subtle then you have phone bloops these come in various designs and goes on your phone case. So it can also be a good design statement.

The fun snap capture:

Cameras on smartphones have gotten a lot better and shooting videos with your smartphones has become the norm lately. But smartphone footages tend to be a little shaky and lack some good shots. So this surprisingly cheap gimbal from fun snap will be the perfect companion for your shooting needs. The gimbal is very stable and can hold big phones.

The funsnap phone gadgets

As well as action cameras and if you have an even heavier phone you can just use the counterweight in the box. It also comes with a panoramic mode to take some amazing shots and it’s easy to shoot as well. Especially with the dedicated shoot button on the back, the single battery can last you about six hours. So you have plenty of time shooting.


So we discussed some of the new phone gadgets and accessories that you can need. With these smart accessories and gadgets, you will get more comfort by using your phone. If you have any other information about these please share with me in the comment box.


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