Places to Visit In Pakistan the Next Time You Plan Vacations

places to visit in Pakistan

It is very important for every individual to take a break once in a while. Following the same routine everyday can make you depressed and anxious. It can also harm your mental health. Plan vacation with your friends, family and even you can go alone all by yourself. Pakistan is a beautiful country. All the beauty in Pakistan is natural. In 2019 Pakistan have become on the top of the list of tourist destination place. If you are planning to visit Pakistan, then go for the northern part of the country. This part is the heaven on earth. There are many places in Pakistan to visit.

You can never see such beauty at any other place. Along with beauty it is one of the most peaceful places in the world. People of these region are very helpful and loving. Visit the following places in Pakistan next time when you plan vacations.

Neelum Valley:

Neelum valley in located in Azad Kashmir. This valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and it attracts many tourists because of its lush green scenery, sound of river flowing by its side, streams, hills, mountains and lush green forest.

Some of the famous places to visit in Neelum valley are Ratti Galli, Baoon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda University, Kel, Taobut and many more. Usually 4*4 vehicles get access to these places.


Murree is the ideal place to visit in summers. People from all around the country visit Murree during their summer vacations. It is located in the district Rawalpindi. The most famous places to visit in Murree are Mushkpuri, Nathia Galli, Mall Road, Bhurban, Patriata etc. people also go to Murree during winters to enjoy the snow fall.

There are number of hotels which you can book at low price. You can check the article Hotels in Murree That Offer Great Deals to see the less expensive hotels.


Ziarat is located in Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is the capital of Ziarat district. People from different places visit this place as it has good water supply and hills around it which are well-wooded and shows a beautiful scenery. No visit no Quetta is complete without visiting Ziarat. The summer here is cool and winter receives snowfall making the hills covered with beautiful white snow.

Kalash valley:

Kalash valley is located in Chitral. It is a beautiful natural tourist spot along with that it has a controversial history. People living there are known as Kelash. They have their own culture and religion. People have built small village near hills and the bank of streams. People living there are very friendly. They welcome every tourist with love.

People visit Kalash valley mostly when there are festivals like Uchal Festival, Chomos Festival and Phoo Festival. Along with it the beautiful hills also attract many tourists.

Swat valley:

Swat is known as the mini Switzerland of Pakistan. It is located in district of KPK. It is near Hindu Kash valley. It attracts tourist because of its lush green forest, alpine meadows and snowcapped mountain. Malam Jabba is the most famous place in swat. It is ski place. Madyan, Kalam Valley, Bonir and Dir are also famous places to visit in swat.


These were just the few suggestions of the places; the next time you plan to have vacations. There are many places in Pakistan to visit. You can also consult travel consultants from e360.  Have you ever visited these places? Do you have any other suggestion where we can spend our vacations? Do share in the comment section.


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