This is why Muslims hate Pork meat

Thisis why Muslims hate Pork meat

Did you know that every year approximately 110 million metric tons of pork are eaten worldwide? Pork is the most usual consumed meat in the world. It accounts for about 38% of meat production in the world. It’s no secret that it’s one of the unhealthiest sources of meat ever and one of the leading causes of diseases. But somehow people still consume it anyway.

We will discuss some truths regarding pigs and their toxic habits. Their unhealthy meat and why pork meat is prohibited for Muslims. I am going to talk about pigs, some biological and behavioral facts about them. Their digestive system and how it operates and why people should stay away from their meat. I’ll also mention some fresh and healthier meat sources.

Pork Nature & Trait:

Pork meat prohibit for Muslims

Pigs are rather dirty animals they’re considered the garbage of the farm. Often eating literally anything they can find. This entails not just bugs insects and whatever leftovers they find but also their own feces. They also oftentimes have the dead bodies of other animals and seldom even their own young. That’s why criminals hide the dead bodies of their victims by feeding them to pigs in Western countries.

When it comes to eating an entire corpse with its flesh and bones, pigs are one of the few animals capable of doing that. The hog is a scavenger and not meant for human consumption. Before talking about the dangers pork can cause let’s first talk about the miserable life of pigs.

Life of Porks:

The pig market is saturated and is mainly managed by meat factories. 97 percent of pigs are born and raised in warehouses. Where there is no clean air neither exercise and fed a diet of harmful drugs so they can grow bigger and fatter. These drugs make the pigs gain excessive unnatural weight which sometimes makes them unable to even walk. That’s not even a big of a deal. The real problem is the pigs digestive and sweat system which we will talk about. Now during the digestive process animals get rid of all the toxins and components that could be dangerous to health.

The pig digests everything very quickly in up to four hours. That’s why several of the toxins consumed by the pig resides in its system to be stored in its tissues. That’s the reason why pigs’ flesh becomes fuller of toxins than all of the other farm animals. However, a cow’s digestive system, for example, takes a good 24 hours to digest. What it’s eaten that’s a huge difference you may say. Well, the pig gets rid of the toxins later by sweating. Hogs are known for barely perspiring or never sweating at all.

Sweating is a tool used by living creatures to get rid of any toxins that make it past the digestive process. Which means this leaves even more toxins in the pigs’ tissues for people to consume.

Pork is also highly related to cancer:

Researchers found that consuming 50 grams of any sort of processed meat every day increases your risk of colorectal cancer by a very significant 18%. Processed meats are food items such as ham, bacon, sausage hot dogs. Essentially most of them are all pork derived food products. According to this research that would likely equate to a nine percent increase of cancer risk. I would assume that’s not something you wish for. Avoid all kinds of processed meats instead choose healthier organic meats such as beef lamb bison or chicken.

We can’t ignore about Pig liver and how it can affect,

Pork meat liver

Hepatitis C:

Hepatitis C is a virus that infects 20 million people each year. People who are pork consumers are more likely to be one of those 20 million people in the future and develop nations. Pork liver is the top food-based transmitter of hepatitis C. It’s the leading cause of the spread of this disease hepatitis E can lead to deadly health difficulties. Including an enlarged liver, heart diseases liver failure and ultimately death. The number of people who get infected with this virus is rising each year with the rise of pork consumption worldwide.

You can’t talk about pork without talking about,


In the twentieth century, a lot of pork consumers worldwide suffered from trichinosis dangers. Pigs carry various parasites in their bodies and flesh. One of the biggest dangers when eating pork is trichinosis. Pork contains the larvae of the Trichinella worm. When the worm that lives in the pigs’ stomach insists opens through stomach acids. Its larvae are released into the body of the pig. These worms make their home in pig muscles. Guess who eats the muscles of the pig? Humans. What result comes after you swallow the larvae?

Pork meat larvae

The larvae penetrate your small intestines where they mature into adult worm’s inmate. You may experience symptoms including abdominal pain fatigue and diarrhea if you’re infected. Now you get the point. Pork is one of the most dangerous consumed meat in the world that carries some important and under-discussed risks.

Enough talk about pigs now let’s talk about some healthy and fresh meat sources that you can consume in moderation. Let’s start with,

Grass-fed Beef:

Grass-fed beef is also a healthier meat source. Grass-fed cows are proven to be more advantageous than grain-fed ones. Cows have higher levels of vitamins A B C and E. Grass-fed beef also has high levels of cancer-fighting CLA and other good fats like omega threes.

The third and final meat is lamb.

Lamb is the meat of young sheep that are normally a year old or younger because lambs are younger. Their meat carries fewer fats and is rich in protein vitamin b12 and minerals which provides to heart health and helps prevent obesity. It also contains all the twenty amino acids that our bodies need.

So now you know why Islam has completely prohibited the usage of pork for all the Muslims. The fact stated about scientifically proven. The facts stated above are scientifically proven.


Pork is the most dangerous source of meat. There are other healthy and tasty meat sources which Pork meat consumer can instead of pork. Let us know in the comments also feel free to share your thoughts with me. Or ask anything in the comments below I read and answer all the comments.


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