Top 6 portable Air conditioner (2020)

Top 6 portable air conditioner 2020

Gone are the days when there were swings under trees in people used to enjoy a fresh cool breeze on their corridors. As time passed and life became much easier with the latest technology. Some of the leaving equipment used to have a cool breeze is the portable air conditioner.

The portable a/c is an air conditioner that contains a self-contained portable system. It’s got an excellent alternative to the window units and is ideal for single cooling rooms. No need to drill your home’s wall as they lie on the floor and come with an installation kit for a quick setup. They also have wheels so you can transfer them to other rooms.

Here I will share with you some top portable air conditioner of 2020.

Honeywell HL 10CESWK:

Honey well portable air conditioner

This portable air conditioner combines three in one technology into one luscious and sleek body cooling. The dehumidifier areas up to 450 square feet. The full-function remote control enables you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a settled air conditioner unit, it needs no permanent installation and the smooth-gliding caster wheel provides easy mobility from room to room.

Also, it has a unique sleep mode that allows you to control the temperature for comfort during the night. This transportable air conditioner comes with everything needed. Including a flexible exhaust hose and an easy to install window venting kit. Plus the window than can be removed with a unit, not in use. Moreover, it comes with a built-in dehumidifier with a continuous drain system that takes out up to 80 pints of moisture every 24 hours.

On the other hand, its fan only mode gently circulates air when the air conditioner is cooling is not needed.

Rollicool-Cool 100 A/C:

Rollicool portable air conditioner

This is a standing air conditioner with five functions which are more than enough ways to make almost any room feel comfortable. Its dehumidifier mode allows it to remove up to seven point nine gallons of moisture from the air per day. This powerful 14,000 BTU air conditioner cools heat humidifies or circulates air in your space.

You can control every feature of this small air conditioner by the app the remote and Alexa without getting up from the couch. It provides a user-friendly way to adjust the temperature or climate. Another advantage is that with the casters and a window kit that can be moved it sets up a new space in just minutes.

Global air YPL310C:

This portable air conditioner has digital controls that offer accurate temperature adjustments. The remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room. It provides 1,000 BTUs of cooling power to keep a room up to 300 square feet cool and comfortable. The two-speed cooling and the fan and four-way air direction help spread the air evenly through the room also. it has a self-evaporative system with no water tank. The condensing water is recycled to improve efficiency through a cooling condenser.

It also features a four-way direction that can help to distribute the air evenly throughout the room. Additionally, the remote control that’s included with the global air conditioner makes controlling the temperature of your room even better.

Whitener ARC1:

This portable air conditioner can cool up to 500 square feet of space with atmospheric temperature and humidity that may influence optimum performance. It features advanced self-evaporating technology. Which uses and recycles moisture collected during the cooling process to help reduce fresh air and minimize condensation buildup. It also offers an auto-restart function which automatically restarts on the previous setting after a power outage.

It can also be programmed with a 24-hour timer to activate or shut off at preset times. Besides, it features the patented advanced auto drain technology which uses and recycles moisture collected during the cooling process to produce fresh air and the dual hose operation provides fast cooling.

Honeywell MN 10 CEWW:

This comes with a washable filtration system that filters are dust pet dander and hair from entering the unit. This helps reduce impurities in the air and it’s easy to clean by running the filter under a tap. This delivers optimum cooling and dehumidification and also has a fan-only function. The full-function remote control allows you to operate each feature from across the room.

Also, it comes with everything needed including a flexible exhaust hose and easy to install window venting kid. The window vent can be removed with the unit’s not in use, unlike a fixed AC. This unit requires no permanent installation and four caster wheels provide easy mobility between areas. Further, it has a precise digital control and a full-function remote control that makes it easy to change settings from across the room.

Last on this list but not least.

Black & Decker BPACT08WT:

This portable air conditioner features an easy to use LED electronic control and is quiet while you sleep. Since it produces 75 DB’s even on a high setting. It accompanies moving casters and side carrying handles for easy to maneuver mobile comfort and everything required for an easy installation. For safe and secure positioning place the unit on a smooth level floor that’s strong enough to support the unit.

Its vertical motion creates a steady and robust airflow that provides consistent temperature in any room in the house. There’s a slide-out filter that rinses easily under a faucet for a fresh air feel. Moreover, the maximum length of this Aust hose is 4 feet and 11 inches.


See how these portable air conditioners make you comfortable with the advance features. I hope that this article was informative and useful. Show support by commenting in the comment box if you have information about any other latest products.


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