Poultry Feed for Healthy Poultry Birds

poultry feed for healthy chicken

Farming especially poultry farming is very famous business throughout the world. The success of the business depends on the poultry itself. If you taking proper care and giving proper feed to the poultry birds, then you don’t need to worry much. Poultry feed management is a serious job as all the business depends on this. Just like human birds also need proper feed to grow and develop. Some of the feed in natural and is available for the birds easily but some needs to be buy from the market.

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Natural Feed Includes

Grains, seeds, bug, insect, sunshine, pasture etc. are the feed which are easily available to the birds and they get all the basic nutrients from them but for some reasons these nutrients are not enough for birds to grow and develop properly. They need other feed as well. For proper functioning and working we need to give water, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral to the poultry birds.

Poultry Feed Ingredient

As the business of poultry farming is popular throughout the world so their feed is easily available.


Wheat contains all the basic nutrients and it’s the best ingredient in poultry feed. During the harvesting season you can give the mash or scratch feed to the poultry birds. This is available throughout the year.

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Barley have more fiber and fats then wheat or oats. So if the wheat or oats is not available or are in poor quality then you can give barley to the poultry birds.


Millet is easily digestible and it keep the body temperature normal. It has many poultry advantages

Skim Milk and Butter Milk

It is very useful for all the poultry birds especially growing chick and lying hens. It is use to get high quality egg for hatching. This is a great source of protein.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains high source of vitamin A and D. it is very effective especially during when the green pasture and sunlight is not available.

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There are many companies working is Pakistan which manufactures and supplies the poultry feed in the market. you can check from e360 website from where you can get their complete information. Following are some of the companies that supply poultry feed in the market.


Poultry farming is one of the top business in Pakistan and a source of generating revenue. So if you are thinking to start a poultry farm business then keep in mind that you should provide proper poultry feed to the poultry birds.


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