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quit smoking

Smoking is very dangerous for the health even a single cigarette can damage your body badly. Some people smokes in fun but later they become addicted to it. This addiction is very harmful for their health. Even a single cigarette can take 10 mins of your life. now calculate the total amount of cigarettes you have been smoking throughout your life and how it has effected your life. quitting an addiction is very difficult. But there are number of products available in the market that helps to quit smoking and help you to live a healthy life.

products to quit smoking

Nicotine Patches:

Nicotine is the most important ingredient in cigarettes. It’s always the addiction of nicotine. You can get rid of this addiction by placing a nicotine patch on your arm. They are easily available at the drug stores. They induce the nicotine in the human body and reduce the craving for nicotine thus the person doesn’t crave for smoking.

Prescribed Patches:

These are also somewhat like nicotine patches but they are only available on prescription. Consulting a doctor is more beneficial than buying a medicine yourself. Doctors knows about how much dose you need and when should you take it.

nicotine gums

Nicotine Gum:

They are not tasty like the other bubble gums available in the market because they contain nicotine which a normal person can’t eat. When the smokers chew the nicotine gum, their craving for nicotine comes down as the nicotine from bubble gum infuses in their mouth. This is also available at the local drug store over the counter.

Prescribed Medicine:

There are many tablets available in the market use to help the people to quit smoking. Doctors prescribes medicine to you according to your capacity of in taking the doze. Chantix is the popular drug that is use to quit smoking and reduce the addiction of smoking. People usually smoke when they are depressed or in tension. So doctor mostly prescribes the anti-depressants like zyban. It reduces the addiction level.

smoking cigarettes is like paying to have your life cut shorter

There are number of application that helps you to quit smoking. There are number of people available of these app that show you support, love and care. The quitter’s circle, smokefreeTXT and become an Ex-Smoker are useful apps that are used to help the smokers to quit smoking.These products helps to quit smoking.

smoking kills


Smoking is dangerous not only for the smoker but also the people around him. Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. Think for the people around you and quit smoking as it effects the life badly. It is hard to quit smoking but this hard work will surely pay you off.

Do you smoke? How much cigarettes a day do you smoke? If you need any help, feel free to contact us.


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