Reasons to Choose the New Generation Water Resistant Phones


There are so many reasons behind that but one of the major reason is  Waterproof phones have become a big deal recently, with manufacturers keen to talk-up their phone’s ability to survive a dunking.

However, ‘waterproof’ is something of a misnomer. In reality, the phones on sale nowadays are water-resistant, as they can’t keep out water under all .Regardless, the best of these phones won’t leave you high-and-dry even if you manage to completely submerge them. Google Pixel 3 XL an excellent waterproof Android phone from Google. Like the iPhone XS, the Google Pixel 3 XL is certified IP68 (up to 6.5 feet of water for 30 minutes). This means that taking it swimming all day on the open water is far from recommended. But, when it comes to everyday spills, drops, and even a light swim, you can rest assured the Pixel 3 XL will survive.

The iPhone XS boasts quite impressive waterproof technology, landing itself an IP68 certification. This is a step up from the X, which could only manage IP67 certification. This means your iPhone will withstand submersion in up to 6.5 feet of stable water for up to 30 minutes. However, if you were hoping to take your new iPhone XS on a white water rafting trip, we’d advise investing in a plastic bag or two.

Some say electronics and water don’t mix. Those people, apparently, haven’t seen these waterproof smart phones. That’s because these phones are covered with a water-resistant coating that protects them against rain, sweat, spills, or even a tumble in a puddle. The New Generation Water Resistant Phones have two more reasons. The first reason indicates how well protected the phone is against solids, like hands and dust The second denoting how much water the phone can withstand. Basically, the higher either number, the more the phone can with stand.

Water-resistant means the smart phones can survive small splashes of water, rain, sweat, a drop in the snow, or a spill. Waterproof means the phone will be fine if it’s completely submerged or soaked, so it’ll be fine if you accidentally drop it in the pool, toilet, or your drink. You can get your waterproof phone wet from the shower, sink, or bathtub, too.


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