How humor is important in our busy lives?

Importance of humor in our lives

Comic Aspects:

Fun is very important in this busy and stressful life. People do like a person with a good sense of humor. Some lucky people born with this quality and some adapt it and make their life journey enjoyable. The humor is not limited or related to any age, gender or caste. You can say the humor is the only thing which is enjoyed by all. Through the comic, we can bind all together and can create a positive and pleasant environment. So why most of us make the environment negatively polluted and tame, instead of smiling, laughing, and spreading happiness and positivity?

Even the worst difficult situation can be overcome easily if we are armed with a funny mind and temperament. We are all going through the ups and downs of our lives, the pluses, and minuses. Everyone is carrying their own burden of responsibilities, stress, and grief. Each one of us can overcome this situation by equally sharing a sense of humor to live an enjoyable and happy life.

People with Fun:

People who have a good sense of humor are lucky, so they should spread the positivity all around with this gift. It doesn’t matter what is going on in our lives, we need to start adding funniness. First within the family, then moving towards society, as far as it can spread. The greater will be the supply of positive and pleasant emotions for all concerned.

Life is a great gift from God that happened to us. We should be great full every time for that. Instead of getting sulk and brood we need to think twice and take steps towards happiness. In regard of try to living a happy life here, I am giving you an example of a silent comedian.

Charlie Chaplin:

Who wouldn’t know Charlie Chaplin? Charlie Chaplin was a comedic British actor who kept a smile on people’s faces while still being quiet. He was kind of a character who makes people laugh by his actions. For the characters which he played in his silent plays and movies, he awarded by so many times. Making people laugh didn’t mean that he was a happy man too. In this regard, I am sharing some of his quotes.

“A day without laughter is a day waited”.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot”.

Even when we feel low and get tired and have zero energy than only humor can boost up our energy. It flits away all of the hardness and irritations. If you ever noticed that people want a good sense of humor and fun factor in their future partner.

offering business courses on humor. Humor scale positive change on sphere. Although comedy cannot be learned but try to look at the funny side of life you can improve it. A person with good humor would be lovable too.


Laughter is a great therapy to relieve stress and help improve your health. Many people became celebrities because of their punch lines & comic timings. Comedy has become a source of income nowadays.


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