Shopping Markets in Lahore

Shopping markets in Lahore

I still remembered the time when people used to shop in open markets. The joy of shopping on streets were tremendous. It is holding many colorful memories which include negotiating with the shopkeeper for prizes or finding the way through jammed maze to reach to the main road along of your shopping bags. And after getting tired, always tried to reached on open food shops and ordered for different items. Chat, dahi bhale, burger, paratha roll cold drinks and faloda were the main items of everyone.

The importance and joy of open shopping has its own place, although the development of high-end malls has destroyed the joys of shopping on the streets. But it made an easy way of shopping for people now a days. People get pleasant experience with air conditioned environment in malls. Anything is easy to get in malls.

Karachi and Lahore are the most famous places for shopping. Here we will get shopping spree of Lahore markets.

Anarkali Bazar:

If you are looking for shopping outfits, part wear, or for other occasions the Anarkali Bazar is best spot for your choice. You will find a variety of gorgeous dresses over there. It has two section new and old, it is home for ready-to-wear apparel stall selling handicrafts, and in old section the bazar hosts food stalls. Particularly young girls and women the newer section is more attractive. In Asia Anarkali bazar is one of the oldest market, along being top street market of Lahore. The market is located in front of the Lahore Museum.

Ichhra Bazar:

The bazar is for those who have limited budget specially for wedding shopping, because it is the most economical top street place of Lahore. The place is very crowded due to its affordable market rates. However, the best deal you can find over here on jewelry, shoes, toys, and an electronic goods as well. According to many people, it is the alternative of Anarkali bazar. The bazar offers cultural dresses, and variety of desi food. The bazar location is on Ferozepur Road.

Hall Road:

If you want to buy mobiles phones instead of clothes, shoes or jewelry, then head to Hall Road. This is the wholesale market of mobile phones, electronic appliances and associated accessories. If you want anything technology related from original to copy, you can find here. The reason behind its name is that British had built four halls for parties and gathering. The name still remain whereas the halls have been converted into commercial spaces.


In every time and in every era, shopping has been everyone’s favorite hobby. Whether we buy things from open market or from shopping mall, both have its own joys.


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