Skin Whitening Products in Pakistan


Asian people usually have brown skin that is their skin have more pigment which makes their skin look dark. They are obsessed with white skin and for that they use number of tricks to make their skin look light and bright. They use home remedies but that don’t give instant results. There are number of whitening products available in market which help us to obtain the require color for our skin. They change the color of skin because they contain chemicals which make our skin look bright and healthy.

Whitening products which contain mercury in them should not be used as they can harm the skin and even cause skin cancer. Products which are herbal and organic should be preferred. There are many face wash which make the skin look fresh and glowing.

Following are the whitening products which are easily available in Pakistan. We can get the information about them through e360 web portal

Faiza Beauty Cream

This cream removes the blackness, pimples and scars of the skin. This is used for spotless and bright skin. Within few days we can see the clear difference.

Whitening Face Wash

Skin white manufactures the best face wash which provides the natural solution for cleansing the skin for both oily and dry skin. It is made up of goat milk which cleans the pores making our skin fresh and moisturize.

Skin White Fairness Cream Bleach

This bleach creams contain peach extract which lighten the skin and give instant fairness in 15 minutes.

Royal Expert Whitening Cream

This whitening cream brightens the skin and remove pimples, scars and fungal infection. It also removes black and brown spots.

Sativa Whitening Lotion

This lotion makes the skin look bright with its miracles ingredients.

Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Intensive Cream

This cream is a blend of bran oil, milk protein, nano Q10 and vitamin E. this is used to moisturize the skin and make the skin bright.

Gold Plus Beauty Cream

This cream makes our skin look bright and lighten the color of the skin within few days.

These are some of the few whitening products which are used by normal Pakistanis to make their skin look fresh and flawless. These products help them to acquire the desired results but one thing should be kept in mind that products containing mercury should not be used as they can harm the skin.


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