Small business ideas in Pakistan you should know!

Small Business Ideas

How to start small business?

Small business ideas. As Pakistan is facing so many issues for so long and there are difficult situations happening in our daily lives. Among all those problems is one of the big problem is unemployment. This is the reason that most of the youth of our country tend to move towards to entrepreneurship. This is good for the young generation that they make themselves able to do something for them. In this blog i will share some small business ideas.

Through this not even they support themselves, but their families too. There are many ways through which anyone can afford their expenses. In this regard technology is playing an important an essential role. Technology, smart phones and social media made our lives much easier to earn money. Today we will discuss some small businesses through which you can afford your expenses.

Home-Based cooking:

In the fast growing trend of eating cooking is the best idea. In this regard as you know that many restaurants, hotels and cafes are trending. But at the same time the awareness of healthy food also increasing in people. Still there are many people who avoid eating outside. That’s why home-made food always preferred. This is kind a business for which you don’t need heavy or big amount to start. This is a low investment business.

If you have some specialty in some food items or even you can make simple but tasty food can be amazing. People who are away from their home would prefer to home based cooking. I by myself know some women who cook at home on order by their clients and. They earn a good amount through this business. Keep reasonable price so that the other one can also afford and you also can earn money.

Makeup artist:

Who doesn’t like makeup? Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Everyone of course! Makeup is the essential element of every Pakistani woman. There are many solons you can see every part of the country and city. I know you will probably thinking that for salon or beauty parlor needs a huge amount to start the proper setup. Not only that but you need to learn some skills professionally.

This is the fact but a I already mentioned that social media, internet and smart phones easily provide you the platform where you can show your abilities. You can make some video tutorial and even you can learn lots of things from the famous makeup artist videos. A makeup is all about blending and keeps practicing. All you need is to buy some good quality makeup products.

Now it’s up to you that you want to do it as a free lancer or want to open a little setup of salon. Even if you can’t afford a salon by publishing make up tutorials you can earn money. Face book Instagram YouTube are such type of platform which will not only promote you but even pay you a good amount as per your performance.

Henna lovers:

Mehndi is something which throughout in any season. Eid, weddings, functions are festivals or our culture and religion where ladies are so fascinated towards mehndi. Mehndi is the business which starts from the lowest amount of investment. In every age of group people can’t miss this beautiful thing.

You can learn this skill by professionally, if your drawing is good than it will be a plus point for you. But even if you cannot afford the courses you can watch videos in where people teach that how to apply mehndi in easy way. You can classify this No investment business.

Poultry farming:

Food businesses always work in Pakistan. Food businesses are the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. It is not necessary that you need a big place to open a poultry farm. It can be in your backyard, your home roof, or you can make proper cage where you can keep the hens. You can deal in chicken and eggs. Or else you can start a fully established poultry farm, as in Pakistani market the demand of poultry is always high.


If you are in deep thinking to start a business and you dealing with a lack of investment, still you can. All you need is to hard work, passions and dedication in the beginning to succeed.


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