Social Media and Bonding Perspectives


With each passing second, technology is changing and so does the use of media. Media is now the vital part of every person’s life. In today’s era we can’t imagine our lives without media and internet. By the continuous use of media people are connecting to the outer world and they are using media to connect to the people around them.


By the development in science and technology people have now many things which they never had in past. They have new technology which was not there in the past. One of the biggest change in technology is the invention of the social networking sites which are working because among many people.

With the constant use of media, we can see that media is connecting more people than ever before and it has played a serious role in improving the proficiency of different societies globally. Social media helps us to find our old school friends in just a single click. We can share our special moments with our loved ones. It revitalize our old memories. We can know about what is happening around us.

Social media has almost taken a very dominant place in everyone’s life and it is very difficult to even understand that how people use to manage their day to day activity without social media. This change has happened at a very fast pace. Some people take the social media as a platform for connecting with different people while other says that it actually isolates people from each other(Verheijan,2018).

Social media is the way of connecting different people together. Every person has different perspectives and they perceive things differently. Social media is use for various purposes.

People use it differently and it has different effect on every other individual. On one hand social media is use to connect different people and on the other side it may isolate people from the real world.


 The excessive use of social media is causing many social and health problems for example insomnia, loss of appetite, depression and even relationships failures. It is also prove that the excess use of social media is the major cause of the decrease in personal relationships, family gatherings, physical activity, obesity and it can even cause a change in your beliefs, ethics and personality and even self-control.

On the other hand, it may also create depression, anxiety among people of different age groups. People try to isolates themselves from the real world. They start to live in fantasy world. They start to avoid the real world which causes them severe isolation.

Everything have some advantages as well as some disadvantages. It depends on the individual that how he makes the use of certain things. One should try to create a balance between social media and real life.


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