Some Unique Uses of Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is basically extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia’s leaves. It is mostly found in Australia. Tea tree oil is inexpensive and very safe to use’ if used properly. Tea tree oil is equally useful for skin, hair and nails. It has component known as terpinen-4 which is use to kill the viruses, germs and bacteria’s. It can be use in undiluted form that is pure tea tree oil or it can be use as in diluted form.

Tea tree oil is use to treat the bacterial and fungal infections. It helps to prevent the infection and speed up the healing process. Tea tree oil is easily available in the market and at a very low price. Following are the versatile uses of tea tree oil:

Hand sanitizer

Tea tree oil has the components which kills the bacteria’s and viruses. It kills bacteria’s like E-coli which causes various illness. Many hand wash manufacturers add tea tree oil in their hand wash as it kills the germs and viruses.

hand sanitizer is used to kill ths germs

Natural deodorant

Tea tree oil is use to kill the bacteria’s. The sweat alone does not have any smell but when it combines with the bacteria it produces strong odor. Tea tree oil kills these bacteria and works as a natural deodorant without any side effect.

Speed up healing process

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties which is use to treat the wounds. It speeds the activity of white blood cell which automatically speeds the healing process. Tea tree oil reduces the inflammation.

Treat Acne

Tea tree gel is use to fight the acne. It shows miracles when applied to the acne prone skin. Just mix 1 part of tea tree oil with 9 part of water and apply it to the skin with the help of cotton pad.

Fights dandruff

Dandruff can make you feel embrace and make the hair look dirty. dandruff is reduce by the help of tea tree oil. Most of the shampoos have tea tree in them if you don’t have tea tree oil in your shampoo then simply add few drops of tea tree oil and wash your hair. It will give some really magical result.

dandruff makes the hair look dirty and dry

These were some of the amazing miracles of using the tea tree oil. Use tea tree oil on face skin by adding some moisturizer in it as tea tree alone can make the skin dry.


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