The Best Refrigerators in Pakistan



Established since 1980. Dawlance is the name of reliability and therefore provides you with the most durable products in Pakistan. when we talk about home appliances so the first thing that comes to the minds is “Refrigerator.” And that is the reason Dawlance is top leading consumer goods manufacturing brand. it work dedicatedly to offer high tech refrigerators that are able to meet the needs of the modern kitchen. A modern kitchen is absolutely incomplete without a sleek, innovative and durable fridge. The presence of an innovative, high-tech, and sleek refrigerator in your kitchen speaks volumes of your choices in life. A high-tech refrigerator is the one that carries supreme cooling system, advanced technology, and design and Dawlance makes it all possible for you.


Established since 1956. a refrigerator that is affordable. refrigerators holds it’s unique design and features. Pel Refrigerators enable you to save energy and lets you stay stress-free about the electricity bills. They are highly energy-efficient and you can save thousands of rupees monthly on utility bills. Not only are they energy-efficient and durable but also space-efficient and classy to offer your kitchen a smart look without blocking big space. without a second thought in your mind, check out Pel Refrigerators and pick the one that goes great with your kitchen space and budget.


 Refrigerator by Orient offers decent space along with a beastly powerful cooling and freezing capacity with Power Voltage: 125 W. A separate fridge and freezer compartment, the Orient Diamond 350 Liters refrigerator can be a great addition to your kitchen and instant freeze features, Orient Refrigerator’s smart Inverter technology with Japanese compressor saves. orient provide you with good storage space and are also economical. you are not looking for anything fancy and just want a refrigerator that does the job.
This is one of the most redundant terms you’d hear while shopping for refrigerator. Counter-depth fridge simply means a unit that can align perfectly with the edges of counter tops of your kitchen. The reason why it’s popular is that it gives a custom-designed and expensive appearance to your kitchen. They are comparatively less spacious than other refrigerators and cost more too.


A prefect option for you out there if you want to buy a Stylish refrigerator with exclusive and stunning colors! The prices of SG refrigerator so economical that you can buy French Door refrigerator at the price of a double Door refrigerator. cooling Glass Door Room Refrigerators, Double/single Door And Freezers To Help You Preserve The Freshness Of Your Food. Sg Refrigerators Come With The Cooling System, Durable Compressor, Spacious Freezing Compartments, Advance Manual Options, And Sleek Designs To Go Perfectly With Your Lifestyle. They Provide Maximum Cooling To Your Favorite Food Items To Make Sure They Remain Fresh For More Than Usual Expected Hours. Its Smart Cooling System Keeps Your Food Fresh While Keeping Your Electricity Bills Low. With Sg Refrigerators, You Can Experience The Joy Of Eating Fresh Food Anytime. Moreover, Easy-to-clean Compartments Enable You To Clean Your Fridge And Freezer Smartly And Quickly.


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