The Four Secrets of Success


Who else doesn’t want success in life? We spend hours, days, months, and years, yearning for success. There are not only the four secrets of success but there are many secrets. The other secrets require a book. Here, you’ll get to know about the four secrets of success that are important:

Select logical subjects for your studies

The four secrets of success

You can understand theory if you have it in a written form. Social Sciences do not contain much logics, specially the subjects like political science. However, in social sciences, there are statistical subjects like economics offered in many institutions. So, if you don’t want to waste your four years of a bachelor’s degree then you must select some logical subject. Furthermore, our politicians are also lacking economical knowledge. That is why, our policies are ineffective. Education isn’t about filling an empty brain but about gaining a logical approach — and economics and statistics offer the best approaches that will help you analyze problems in more efficient ways. Humanities offer wisdom, but that wisdom is based on opinions.

Connect to a cause larger than yourself

The four secrets of success

The worst advice that parents give to their children is to spend the first third of their precious lives studying, and the middle third earning money, and the last third in raising kids. Actually, no one knows about the future. Maybe we are alive today but not tomorrow. Moreover, we can die of an heart attack in our mid fifties. If anything like that happens, we will regret our past. Furthermore, we will regret that we never actually lived. So find some reason that gives you a sense of meaningfulness. Ideally, by connecting you to those miserable people.

Make out

The four secrets of success

The most important decision you will make is not the university you attend, nor your major subjects in the university. Furthermore, it is not even your first job. Your most important decision is your choice of a life partner. The right partner gives significant emotional support. Moreover, he or she is likely to parent your children and pacify you when life goes wrong. The golden key to a successful career is a great partner.

Escape your comfort zone

The four secrets of success

Your universe is globalized to a significant extent, so your education is a failure if it exposes you only to people like yourself and doesn’t prepare you to engage with other cultures. You should volunteer abroad in order to increase foreign exposure. Being a gentleman is a requirement of today’s world.


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