The importance of communication

Importance of communication

The importance of communication. In today’s fast and modern era where we live we need to communicate with lots of things. The communication is very important in our lives. People are facing different hurdles and difficulties in our lives. And everybody is busy in their tough schedule. People have come together through social media. Millions and billions of people are connected at the same time. There are many online platforms available where people communicate to each other, participate in debates, raise social issues and gathered people for purpose. So our today topic is about the importance of communication.

To catchup with someone, and join them anywhere through the internet is an easy job. Despite all of these facilities do you think that there is still the communication gape? Despite being sitting together we have kept ourselves busy in scrolling down our phones. How we talk to people on social media, we need to communicate physically and emotionally. We need to explore what is going on by our surrounding while going home, school or college.

There are lots of thing in our way from which we can learn something. Communication is not all about to talk people but an ability to link up with everything.

According to my perspective we are not living our life, but spending. We bound ourselves with these electronic devices. We should sit together, talk to each other, listen to each other, and understand what they saying.

Many of us interested to share their problems on social network instead to share this to their family and friends. Those who see your post, some will give advice, some will laugh, and some will ignore. Because everyone is going through its own phase. They don’t have enough time to console you. Through the internet world people mostly having fake relations and later they hurt when they realize.

In professional life we also need a good communication skills, whether its eye contact, body language and or a strong verbal communication. With strong communication skills we can tackle any kind of hard situation.


Communication helps us to understand emotion and thoughts of others, and it also helps to express ideas and feelings. It is up to us that we developed hatred or affection toward other people. It can create appositive and negative relationship.


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