The Role of Computers in Society!

A women is using computer system

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that combines data. The concept of a programmable computer originated by an English mechanical engineer Charles Babbage is considered is the father of the computer. The use of computers in society is very important. This is why the role of computers in our society has become so important. All of you know that the use of a computer is to type documents, browse the web, play games, and send emails. Through a computer device, you can retrieve your lost data. Two things which every computer has common are Software and Hardware. So the topic is about the role of computers in society.

On a regular basis, the use of computers is very important. It is hard to deny the fact that the computer has changed the lives of beings. Many of us cannot imagine our lives without them. The computer has made life a lot easier for people. Through the computer, you can stay in touch with any people in any corner of the world. From other countries, people can work for their employees without even seeing them. You can use a computer for work and for studies.

While there are many advantages to a computer, there are also disadvantages. Especially for the young generation. The use of a computer shouldn’t exceed more than studies or search. I personally believe that there should be some limitations for youngsters’ access of internet or computer. Now youngsters are finding solutions to their homework instead of textbooks, and that is not a good habit. Everything now relies on the computer. I personally cannot deny that the knowledge we get from our textbooks is far better than the internet.

Computer is also harmful in terms of health, especially for youth. All the people who spend most of their time in front of the computer screen suffer from a lack of physical activity. Those kids also face eye problems. Although, I agree that computers are an important factor for entrepreneurs and those who need them for work-study and recreation.


Computers are changing over time. The first computers were different from today’s. They were so large that they occupied the entire room, which was relatively slow. But today’s computers run thousands of times faster. They called a desktop computer they probably use at work, home and schools. A desktop computer is designed to hold a desk, that’s why it is called a desktop computer.


You may be familiar with the second type of computer is a laptop computer, usually called a laptop. Laptops are more portable than desktop because laptops are battery power computers. You can move with laptops and can carry anywhere with yourself.

Tablet computers:

Tablet is smaller than both the computers. This is a handled computer that’s why we can use it as a smartphone because in some ways it is a resemblance of mobile. We can use it to take photos. Make calls and messages, and many other tasks we can perform with it which we usually do by our smartphones.


The Computer is an invention that though simplified our lives, it also had made a little difficult and unsecured.


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