Top 5 Beautiful Places To Visit in Islamabad


Islamabad is the heart of Pakistan. As it is well said that you are not going to like any other city if you live in Islamabad even only for few months. Islamabad is known as the green city. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It was made the capital on purpose. Islamabad is one of the most beautiful city in the world. It is small, peaceful city. It is design by a Greek architecture. People visiting north of Pakistan must visit Islamabad as it has many beautiful tourist places to visit.

Following are some of the most famous places in Islamabad that one should definitely visit if he comes to Pakistan or to the north of Pakistan. These places are visit by many international as well local people.

Faisal Mosque

It is the 3rd largest mosque in the world. It is construct with the help of king Shah Faisal who financially help to make it happen. People use to visit this place for many reason. Some come here to pray, some for just to see the beauty of this beautiful mosque.

Pakistan Monument

Pakistan monument is construct in the shape of a blooming flower which shows unity and harmony among Pakistani people. Different pictures of famous leaders of Pakistan are manufacture on the wall of the monument. It also has a small museum in it.

Margallah Zoo

Islamabad zoo is located near the margallah hills. It is a great place to visit for animal’s lover. People who love animals and want their children to learn more about animals visits this place. It has many rare and unique animals in it.

Fatimah Jinnah Park

Fatimah Jinnah park is also call as f9 park. It covers the whole sector and its area is quite large. People come here with their families to walk, enjoy their leisure time. Many festivals and functions are arrange in this park.

Monal Islamabad

If you visit Islamabad and don’t go to the monal then what was the point of visiting Islamabad. Monal is the most beautiful place in Islamabad location on margallah hills. From here you can see the whole Islamabad especially at night this view is breathe taking.

There are many other places in Islamabad that one should visit. Following are few of them

  • Rawal lake
  • Islamabad club
  • Daman-e-koh
  • Peer sohawa
  • Centaurus
  • Safa gold mall
  • F10 markaz which is the largest markaz of Islamabad

Do visit these places the next time you go to Islamabad.


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