Top 5 Uses Of Gold


Gold is a precious metal which is mostly use in making the jewelry and decoration pieces. Its color is mostly deep yellow. Gold is quite expensive metal. Its atomic number is 79, telling you just in case you want to increase your knowledge. Gold is a good conductor of electricity, extremely malleable and can easily be mold into wire and sheets. Gold is mostly use in making different types of jewelry by Asian people. They make unique necklaces, earrings, bangles etc. from this metal.

Apart from this following are the ways in which gold is utilize:


The most important thing made from gold is jewelry. Around 78% of gold is use to make the jewelry which is quite a large number. The gold has been use by people from ancient time. This metal doesn’t fade in color that is why people prefer wearing and buying gold jewelry as it is one-time investment. Most Indian woman wear gold jewelry as in represent their status and wealth.


People usually buy gold as it is one-time investment. The value of gold is highest in the current stock market. People buy gold coins, gold bars, gold bricks etc. in order to invest their money. The value of gold is increasing day by day.


Gold the highly conductive metal. It is use to carry small electric charges within electronic devices that is why a small amount of this metal in found in almost all the electric devices like mobile, laptop etc. It is use to transfer the data quickly.


Gold is the metal which can easily be inserted so it is use in the place of broken teeth, to build the gap between teethes etc. This metal is being in use from ancient time to replace the broken or missing teeth as it is non-allergenic and chemically inert.


Gold is the most precious metal. It is being made part of many awards, crowns, medals etc. It is the sign of highest status symbol.

These were some of the most important uses of gold other than making jewelry out of it. If one wants to invest then they should probably invest by buying the gold coins, bars and bricks.


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