Top 6 Benefits of Plants In Our Daily Life


Plants are the first living thing on this planet. Life is not possible without plants because they provide oxygen to human beings and animals. They make the planet green that is why earth is known as the green planet. Plants supply oxygen in the morning and at night they exhale carbon monoxide. Plants are useful in many ways. They provide food to animals and humans to survive. They supply oxygen. Plants are also use to make furniture and shelters. Plants are also the source of income for some people. They sell the wood and earn money from it.

Following are some of the most common uses of plants:


Plants are the main source of providing food to animals and humans. They manufacture their own food by the process known as photosynthesis. In photosynthesis the plant converts the light energy into carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables are the products of many plants. These foods can be eaten raw or can be cooked. The food from plants are full of nutrients and all the basic vitamins. They are the complete diet.


Plants are use to manufacture the cloths. These clothes are eco-friendly. They undergo through number of process to get the end results. Plants of cotton and jute are mostly use to manufacture the clothes.


Plant’s wood is use to manufacture the paper. Good quality paper is made with good quality wood taken from plants.


Wood furniture is famous through the world. They are eco-friendly and they lasts for the long period of time. Wood can bear the temperature change and are preferred because of their durability.

Relieve stress

Plants are use to relieve the stress. They are beneficial for the human body that is why people plants small flower plants around their home. These plants beautify the environment and also helps to maintain the healthy body.


We also get rubber from plants.

These were some of the most common use of plants. They not only provide food but also helps to remove the dangerous gases from the environment.


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