Top 6 Health Benefits of Garlic


Garlic is a vegetable which belongs to the family of onion. It is known as the main ingredient of many Asian dishes. No dish or food is complete without garlic. Garlic is famous for its pleasant smell and taste. You must have heard about the delicious garlic bread, garlic soup etc. garlic gives amazing aroma to the food. White sauce which is the important sauce for pasta and steaks also makes the use of garlic to give the sauce a pleasant taste and smell. Apart from food, garlic is also used as a medicine to treat and prevent many diseases.

Garlic is a natural product so it has almost zero side effect on the body. Following are the famous healthy benefits of garlic

Improve Bone Health

Not many but some of the researchers says that garlic are used to prevent the bone disease. It helps to increase the estrogen level in females. After menopausal, consuming the garlic daily can increase the estrogen level. It also prevents osteoporosis.

Detoxify Heavy Metals in Body

Garlic contains Sulphur which is use to detoxify the heavy metals in organ and protect the organ from getting damage. It can also reduce the lead level in the body if consume daily.

Prevent Alzheimer Disease

Garlic contains antioxidant properties which protects the cell and reduce the aging process. This also reduces the Alzheimer’s disease.

Lower Cholesterol Level

Garlic is use to reduce the cholesterol level. People who consume garlic have low cholesterol level as compared to those who don’t intake garlic. This also reduces the heart disease and keep the heart healthy.

Reduce Blood Pressure

You must have heard your mom saying you to eat garlic if you have blood pressure. Garlic is use to maintain the blood pressure. Consuming 4 cloves of garlic a day can keep the blood pressure at its normal state.

Common Cold

Garlic is use to make the immune system strong. It is used to treat the illness like common cough, flu etc.

Garlic is not only use for infusing taste in different food rather it is also having many health benefits. It have less calories and more nutrients in it.


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