Top 6 Uses Of Coconut Oil Other Than Cooking


Looking for a cheap and organic moisturizer for your skin? Want to make you hair look shiny and healthy? Then go and buy coconut oil from the market. Coconut oil is not only use in cooking but it has many other benefits. It is one of the best oil for cooking as it is less processed than any other oil found in grocery store. Coconut oil contain lauric acid which easily gets absorb by the human body. This acid also has antibacterial properties which protects the body from bacteria and fungus.

Following are the top uses of coconut oil other than cooking


Coconut oil works as the best moisturizer for the skin especially in winters when the skin is dry. It keeps the skin hydrated and work for a long period of time. Coconut oil many seem oil and greasy on skin but it gets absorb very quickly by the skin.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is the best alternative for makeup remover which we buy from market. In market there are number of products which contains chemical which are very harmful for the skin. Use coconut oil to remove your makeup. It works great even on water proof makeup.

Moisturize the Cuticles

Coconut oil helps to get rid of dry cuticles around the nails. It nourishes the cuticles and make them soft.

Reduces Wrinkle

Coconut oil have antioxidant. It keeps the skin nourish and stops the signs of aging. Just take the small amount of coconut oil and message the face. Repeat this process at night for better results.

Deep Conditioning

Dry and dull hair are mostly prone to damage. If you have dandruff in your hair and want to get rid of all those tiny monsters in your hair, then simply put some oil in your hair. Keep the oil for 30 to 40 min in your hair and wash them with water. It will make the hair look shiny and silky.

Prevent Acne

Acne is mostly caused because of dry skin. Coconut oil keeps the skin moisturize which helps to keep it safe from acne. It is also use to treat the redness.

Coconut oil is very beneficial for human health. It is easily absorbed by the human body. Try to replace the chemical products with the organic ones and make your life much better.


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