Top Cinemas in Islamabad


The top purpose of cinema is to serve social reasons, no longer enjoyment. The primary reason of a movie festival is to evolve the cinema and no longer simply attract tourists. It is, of direction, desirable if a movie competition will become a catalyst to beautify cinema-tourism.

Movies have an effect on lots of us powerfully because the combined impact of pictures, song, speak, lights, sound and computer graphics can elicit deep emotions and help us mirror our lives. They can assist us to higher recognize our own lives. The lives of those around us or even how our society and subculture operate.

Raiha CineGold

 Raiha CineGold -cinema-in islamabad-top
Raiha CineGold

CinePlex is a leading international magnificence cinema that scours the world. Looking for global gemstones to offer its visitors with the enhanced film going experience. When Bahria Town turned into first based in late 1990, Its pioneer’s idea of presenting its citizens with an intimate, comfortable and friendly ecosystem. Its first goal turned into to make its citizens get out and revel in their evenings by bringing a movie display screen close to them.

Arena cinemas

The Arena cinemas are ready with Barco DP4K projector, the brightest projector within the international, silver display screen and seven.1 channel virtual QSC sound. The choicest corridor has a theater-like-sense housing greater than two hundred seats together with VIP bins having 6 Lay-Z boy recliners every.

The Centaurus Cineplex

Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club-cinema-in islamabad-top
Islamabad Club

This Club is a different club whose club accommodates authorities officials, diplomats and the elite of Islamabad. Spread over an area of 346 acres, the membership is placed within the place of Rawal Lake. The diplomatic enclave and authorities’ places of work are nearby.


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