Top private medical colleges in Pakistan


Many students pass the MCAT to get admissions in the government medical colleges. But, due to limited number of seats, not everyone is lucky enough to get admission in a government medical colleges. So, they need to get admission in top private medical colleges in Pakistan. So, if you have to apply to a private medical college, here are top private medical colleges in Pakistan for you.

Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi

Top private medical colleges in Pakistan

Aga Khan Medical College is one of the best private medical college in Pakistan. Like every other private college, its fee structure is very high. This private medical college offers outstanding level of medical education offered, the faculty, and the facilities. The hospital affiliated with this college is Aga Khan Hospital that is the best hospital in Pakistan. Aga Khan Hospital introduces most of the new medical procedures and latest treatments in Pakistan. Students in this college are always on top of their fellow professionals in Pakistan. Moreover, they are aware of the latest trends and research in the medical field because they are learning from the best teachers in the country.

Army Medical College, Rawalpindi

AMC is not a private medical college, but it offers education to civilians on self finance basis so, we categorized it as private. What can be better than army institution? Army Medical College is an armed forces medical college in the country. AMC has provided millions of top medical professionals to Pakistan Army. The outstanding performance of Pak Army Medical Corps is the result of the research being carried at AMC Rawalpindi. Furthermore, it has the best technology and teaching faculty in the country. A chance to join Pak Army after graduation from AMC is given to High achievers and top students.

CMH Medical College, Lahore

Another army institution in the list, CMH Medical College is under the Pakistan Army Medical Corps. Its structure and discipline is excellent. Pakistan Army selects the best teachers and has the best resources to offer at CMH Lahore. Being a student at CMH means, you can be trusted as a top professional. Pakistan Army selects the top students of this graduate institution for short service commission. After completing the degree from CMH Lahore, you can join Pak Army as a Captain and continue your medical practice at the same time. That’s a huge benefit of army institution.

FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry, Lahore

Top private medical colleges in Pakistan

The FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry started in the year 2000. In a short time period, this college has peaked other colleges and has performed very well. FMH portrays a shining future for its students. FMH students get top positions in UHS Examinations.


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