Top Selling Motorcycles in Pakistan with Specs and Prices


A bike, typically referred to as a motorcycle, motorbike, or cycle, could be a two- or simple machine car. Bike style varies greatly to suit a spread of various purposes: long distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport as well as athletics, and cross-country riding.

Atlas Honda

Atlas Honda Ltd could be a venture of Atlas cluster Asian country and Honda Motor Company Japan. With its plants located in Sheikhupura and city, Atlas cluster assembles four bike models in Asian country, the foremost in use Honda CD seventy, CD 100, CG one hundred twenty five and also the newest CG one hundred twenty five Deluxe and Honda Pridor 2013. Among these, Honda CD seventy is most well liked model that has gained the best ranking for its usage and economy in Asian country. Honda was the primary manufacturer to embrace monetary unit a pair of technology in Asian country. Presently all motorbikes square measure designed on monetary unit a pair of technology.

Suzuki Pakistan Motorcycles

Pak Suzuki Motor Company being the biggest automotive programmer in Pakistan took the second place in high bike makers. The corporate recently launched its utterly new bike model known as “Suzuki Raider”- 110cc bike with monetary unit two. Among different models it manufactures runner ECO, Sprinter, and Suzuki GS-150 all with monetary unit two technology. The Pak Suzuki Motorcycles Ltd, once Atlas Honda was the primary to introduce monetary unit two power-driven motorcycles in Pakistan.

Dawood Yamaha Group

The company has been renowned with 2 names Yamaha or DYL Motorcycles in Pakistan is that the third most illustrious bike manufacturer nationwide. presently the corporate options all models complete starting from Yamaha Dhoom, Yamaha Junoon and recently launched new model DYL Mini-100, all of them square measure 4-stroke whereas solely mini 100cc is steam-powered with monetary unit two. Among others, it additionally manufactures 2-stroke Yamaha YB100 as associate degree index model.

Sohrab Motorcycles

In 1994, Sohrab took initiative in motorcycles market olympian its major wares of bicycles. The primary sohrab motorbike was JS70 introduced by the corporate. Being one among the oldest cycle makers in Asian country, Sohrab has conjointly extended its business space to export markets of Bangla Desh and Afghanistan.

Habib Motorcycles Pvt Ltd

Habib cluster of firms took the entry as latest venture of the Habib Motorcycles Pvt Ltd. Habib cluster collaborated with state of the art technology and export quality equipment’s to introduce its flagship 70cc model known as HB70. The new model being approved by EDB (Engineering Development Board) and PSQC (Pakistan customary for Quality Control) has been winning up to now. The bike comes with 6-month warrant and once sale service.

Ghani Automobile Industries

Ghani Automobile Industries has its plant placed in metropolis, manufactures a spread of various motorcycles models. The corporate 1st established in 2004 and appeared commercially with its 1st 2-wheeler throughout 2005. Its business line ranges from 70cc and 100cc bikes to 100cc 3-wheeler motorcycle cart. It conjointly offers 200cc cool

CNG rickshaws

Among motorbike, it options models such as: Ghani Gr-05 CC (In Black), Ghani Gi-70 CC (In Black & Red), Ghani Gi-100 CC (In Black & Red), Ghani GR-100 CC (Hamsaffar in Black & Red), Ghani Gi-125-18 (In Black) and Ghani Gi-150-9 (Black).


Honda could be a well-run organization from prime to bottom. They need several resources that allows them to try to to things alternative firms cannot. They’re dedicated with shopper service and the power to be innovative. Honda has bright future prior them.


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