Topmost Motorbike Companies in Pakistan


In Pakistan motorbike is something that man mostly ride. Motorbike is usually two or something three wheeled motor vehicle which helps the person to cover the distance. It’s like the cycle but with engine in it. It is not only use to cover the distance as in transportation but also its use in many sports to perform different stunts. There are many motorbike companies in Pakistan.

Motorbikes are of many types like heavy bike, sports bike, street bikes, dirt bikes and much more. It is mostly use because of its low price and great fuel economy. Just a few liter of fuel can cover a long distance. And also it is small in size as compared to car so the getting stuck in traffic is not the issue when using motorbike.

Many companies are manufacturing motorbikes. Following are some of the famous companies that manufactures motorbikes for our convenient:

Motorbike Companies in Pakistan


This company manufactured its 1st bike in 1955 and just after 5 years it gain huge success in united states. Atlas group of companies are in charge of manufacturing Honda bikes in Pakistan. its prime models Honda CD 70 and Honda 125 received a huge success. Without any second doubt Honda is the 1st choice of every individual who is willing to buy a bike. This is because of the quality they provide to the customer that they always vote for Honda. These are ideal for 2 persons. Following models are available in Pakistan


This company dates back in 1955 but in Pakistan DYL motorcycles introduced Yamaha in 1976. It also offers heavy bikes and sports bike. Over the three decades Yamaha presented YD 100 model and it was so much loved by the public of Pakistan. After such immense success Yamaha introduced YBR 125, YBR 125G and YBR 125Z.


In Pakistan Suzuki motorbikes are created and maintained by Pak Suzuki motor company limited. It was established in 1982. These bikes are really reliable, proficient and reasonable. They have all kinds of motorbike from conventional to heavy bikes. They offer great variety of bikes. Following are the bikes and heavy bikes offered by Suzuki in Pakistan

Motorbike Companies in Pakistan


United company is not only famous for manufacturing bikes but also rickshaws, it was established in 1999. It offers solid and affordable 4 stroke motorbikes. Its assembling plant is in Lahore where all the parts are assembled. It is Pakistan’s no.1 national brand that offers durability with best price in the market. following are the bikes that this company offers

  • US 100 Jazba
  • 1US 125 Euro ||
  • US 150 Ultimate Thrill

Pak Hero

In 1996 this company manufactured its 1st rickshaw in the market. After its huge success, it introduces its motorcycle in the market. this company was setup in Lahore. Its only bike in PH70. This is the only boke they have manufactured until now. This company is trustworthy and has made their way in people’s life.


If you are living in Pakistan and planning to buy a new bike, then you should go through this article. As this article will help you to know more about the motorbike companies working in Pakistan and which bike you should consider. Are you the one who prefer bikes over car? If yes then drop your comment in the comment section.


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