List of Top seven tractor suppliers in Pakistan

List of top seven tractor suppliers in Pakistan

Today I am going, to sum up, the list of distributors who are dealing in tractors in Pakistan. Before jump up to the tractor suppliers list here I will give you brief information about this vehicle. We all know that in all over the world what purpose the tractor used for? The tractor is a vehicle which uses in farms and fields in the agriculture industry.

Tractor has a powerful engine runs with diesel or gasoline. The theory of a powerful engine means in all the other giant vehicles that they should be able to go incredibly fast. But the tractor engine is designed to be used in a different way. The tractor is used to pull farm machinery such as a plough or harvester.

Malik Argo tractor suppliers

This was a concise information about the history of tractors, its users and the structure. Now let’s move on to the list of tractor suppliers.

1 Malik Agro Industries Lahore:

Malik agro assembling business of rural items, going a wide range of hardware that provides food the necessities of the horticultural sector. It Homestead industry was set up in 1990 to fabricate the least expensive and top quality items to nearby ranchers just as to worldwide customers. Currently, it produces high innovation agrarian gear for development purposes.

Industrial hardware for business purposes which are being made by top brands of tractors running in Pakistan like MASSEY FERGUSON, NEW HOLLAND, IMT, and others. It additionally has specialization in making adornments for a wide range of tractors over the globe. It also makes spare parts in order for tractors at suitable prices.

2 Tecno Pak Industries Karachi:

tecno tractor suppliers

The foundation of the Tecno Group of Companies was laid down in 1971 by its Chairman, Mr. Iqbal Allawala. With the establishment of a sole proprietorship entity by the name of Tecno Pack Industries. A firm that was later in 1987 changed into a Limited Company by the name of Tecno Pack Industries (Pvt.) Limited. Having tried into multiple industries since its inception.

The group’s first major breakthrough came in 1978. When it developed an association with the Pakistan Automobile Corporation for the local manufacturing of components for Messy Ferguson Tractors. The manufacturing of tractor components for Messy Ferguson and Fiat (New Holland) remains one of the TPI’s most prosperous business lines to date.

3 Better engineer solution Islamabad:

The company has an experienced team of motivated engineers, technicians, and technical sales. People design and accompany your project from planning to design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the project. It is one of the leading specialists in the supply, after-sale service, and spare parts for equipment for drinking water projects of its various clients. It has expertise in groundwater management projects.

4 Cv. Starindo Gemilang Islamabad:

Cv.Starindo tractor suppliers

It is an Indonesian-based trading company dealing with various local products for export purposes. This is selling the services and working on a commission basis. It helps buyer from all over the world who has interest to source their demand with Indonesia local products. It’s business items including to this category. Food, agriculture, refreshment, paper, chemical, plastic, building material, rubber, stationery, etc.

5 Bilal Engineering Company Gujranwala:

Bilal Engineering Company (BECO) is being in Gujranwala since 1987. It is on number 5 in the list of tractor suppliers. It is an industrial city in the north-east of the Punjab province of Pakistan. As makers of agricultural, industrial, constructional, hydraulic equipment and sewer cleaning machines. BECO is easily accessible by valued customers.

6 Fecto Belarus Tractors:

Since 1962, this is the only assembler and manufacturer of Belarus Tractors in Pakistan. It has participated in various tractor schemes of the Government of Pakistan namely Green Tractor Scheme and Awami Tractor Scheme and it had successfully supplied 22,000 Completely Built-Up units of MTZ 50 model tractors in Pakistan. In 1981, it established its own state of the art Tractor Assembly Plant under technical collaboration with v/o Tractor export of former USSR and Minsk Tractor works. The plant is situated at 18th Km Sheikhpura Road, Lahore.

7 Al-Ghazi Tractors Karachi:

With AGTL’s name being compatible with stability, profitability, brand strength and client loyalty, AGTL’s mission is to retain market leadership as the lowest cost producer of the highest quality products. The most enduring competitive edge being the quality of the tractors. With corporate virtue, AGTL’s mission is to be a textbook case example of good Corporate Governance and through Corporate Social Responsibility create mutually beneficial relationships between the Company, Stakeholders and the Community.


We have to appreciate the people who invented tractor, as it made an easy of a farmer life. The modernization of a tractor is growing day by day. Tractor is a vehicle which is an essential element in agriculture and farming.


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