Transport Companies in Pakistan

Bus service of passengers transport

In a companies of services the transportation sector is which provides people a service of transportation. They take people from one place to another and also to move goods. For import export the transportation companies provide their services as transport is the company delivers the products of the several businesses. Which transport companies are there in Pakistan?In this regard in Pakistan three are three categories of transport companies in Pakistan are exist.

Bus companies of Pakistan

Logistics companies of Pakistan

Railway companies of Pakistan

In this blog we will discuss only bus companies and their services.

Bus Companies of Pakistan:

Daewoo Express, Lahore Transport Company and Northern Areas Transport Corporation are the bus services in Pakistan you may know or heard. These bus services move people from one place or from one city to another city.

Daewoo Bus Company:

The main operation of the company is Bus service. The company provide the services in all the major cities of Pakistan. In urban transport sector in Pakistan the Daewoo city bus was the first environmental and technological revolution. The buses has very powerful engines fully air-conditioned and has announcement system. In the bus they provide you snacks time to time. They have their specific own bus stops where they stop for a while for break. They have shuttle/drop off service. The purpose of the service is allow passengers to hassle-free travel to their neighborhood.

Cab Service:

The cab service started in Lahore and Rawalpindi in May 2014, but the service was only to facilitate to Daewoo passengers. With the fleet of more than 200 vehicles Daewoo provides it’s cab service in various cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Karachi, Quetta, Multan, Abbottabad, Sialkot, sukkur and Swat. In northern regions of Pakistan during summer they also operates from there.

Cargo Service:

Daewoo service has cargo services as well 24 hours a day. They provide safe and quick dispatch and deliver cargo consignments. The cargo volume rapidly increasing. They deliver all the four provinces of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan.

Lahore Transport Company:

This is only the bus transit system service company. The company provide its services only in Lahore Punjab by carrying passengers. The company was established in intension by merging several transport companies under one company operating in Lahore. The company establishment year was 1984 and in deck 2001 Lahore Transport Company successfully merged many companies.

They are working with the aim to provide a high quality safe environment, friendly and affordable transport.


The company has fleet of 650 buses which run through the city. They operating 30 routes whereas there planed was for 53 routes in Lahore. The manufacturing term of their buses are 6 or more than that older, although they will be replacing all the old buses with new buses, but it will take some time as the entire procedure of changing 2000 buses is not an easy.

The company has launched green card for students and bus card for aged people. In Google play store their Android smartphone app “Bus da pata” has also launched.


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