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Trending blogs

People do many things these days in different fields, whether it is fashion, food, television or film industry, travelling, vlogging and blogging etc etc. Not only the people related on the above fields making money through that even to make their fame also. Almost everyone knows and heard about vlogging and blogging. These categories of trending blogs are circling every where. The vast improvement of technology as well as the knowledge of the modern technology, the extent of computer, internet and mobile phones make our self so much easier to connect with the rest of the world within a second. So now because of these trending blogs resources you can do whatever you want.

What is vlogging?

A video blog or video log, generally reduce to vlog, is a formation of blog where people make videos on their daily activities. The entire video based on or may include both video and written commentary. Different type of vlogs are available on web. It can be travel updates, travel experience, instructional videos and so on.

Basically it is a platform where people get any kind of information depends on their need.

What is Blog?

A weblog is kind of website like a diary or journal where people share their knowledge, opinion, reviews, in a written way. It is publically accessible personal journal for an individual. It contains images of relevant topics, hyperlinks, and some time videos. Blogger is a person who writes content on the weblog. A blogger firstly create contents which can make reference in many ways. People who has writing skills can become a blogger.

Blogs can be for your personal use, but also for business, networking, and for professional purpose

What are the most Trending blogs?

Fashion blog:

Fashion blog is one of the most trending blog on the internet. It is a large industry with an enormous audience. We can say this can be a mini online fashion magazine, where you can be a chief editor. In Italy one of the most famous fashion blogger is Chiara Ferragani. About 90 thousand readers read her blog and visit on daily basis. And companies who post their advertising banners on her blog, for each banner they pay her 3000 euro.

So if you are a fashion lover and have a keen eye on fashion you can earn money after become a fashion blogger.


Food is a basic and an essential thing for our daily life. No one can resist itself from food. So with time as everything is improving, food industry made an extra place in our lives. So food blog are another popular blog type. People who are interesting in recipes, healthy diet, fine dining, ingredients, get attract towards food blog. Food blogger can write their content on their local restaurants as a reviews, and people who cook also post their cooking stories along with first class appetizing pictures.

Travel blogs:

Travel blog each day becoming more popular. People who love travelling and due to cheap air travel people do travel more than before. So they always looking and searching for destinations, travel tips, and destination guides. People who visit around the world share their experiences and information about the places they have visited.

Fitness blogs

Fitness blogs contains important topics regarding health fitness. People easily collect an information from fitness blog to know how to stay fit. Those who are fitness instructors this is a great platform to get the opportunity to share their tips about fitness and get the clients online.


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